Chrome Password Manager helps you manage 2 or more passwords

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Google Chrome 69 includes a new and improved Chrome Password Manager that provides better password management. It also offers to automatically generate a random password when you sign up to websites for the first time.

Google Chrome comes with a built in password manager for your convenience. The improved functionality provides greater convenience for you. When you use the automatic password generator, the password is stored securely inside Chrome. Depending on your settings, it can also be synced across both mobile and desktop versions of Chrome browser, as well as Android apps.

Accessing Chrome Password Manager

You can sign into Chrome Password Manager from Chrome or any other web browser by going to You will be able to see a list of services and apps whose login is handled by the password manager.

With Chrome Password Manager, you can automatically sign in to sites and apps on any device you are signed-in.

How To Enable Password Sync

Chrome Password Manager can save your passwords in your browser or save them to your Google account and sync everywhere you are logged in, as already mentioned.

If you want your passwords to be saved to your Google Account, you need to do one of the following:

  1. Sign in to Chrome and have password sync enabled, or
  2. Use Smart Lock for Passwords on your Android smartphone

Smart Lock for Passwords is a feature that helps you sign into your Google account on any device without the need for a password. Instead, you will get a prompt on your phone with options to tap a Yes or a No to login, like this:

Chrome Password Manager - smart lock for passwords

In all, if you choose to use Chrome Password Manager to manage all your passwords, be sure to use a very secure password for Chrome and for your Google account. Should your acount be hacked or breached, all your digital estate will be exposed.

If you use Smart Lock for Passwords too, keep a secure lock on your Android smartphone. Anyone with access to it can get into your Google account and other accounts you manage with it.

With the new password manager, you are able to eliminate the problem of managing multiple passwords. Just have one key master password for your Chrome/Google account and you are good to go.


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