City Connect free wifi is for Lagos commuters

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Gradually, the digital landscape of Lagos is changing. There are more and more WiFi hotspots springing up everywhere you go. One of the latest is City Connect free wifi, which appears to target commuters in the aquatic state.

Just a few weeks ago, we brought you news of Swift’s new Red Cheetah free WiFi in malls in Lagos. Before then, we brought you news of free WiFi access at the JJT Park in Alausa, Lagos.

For the moment, City Connect is targeting bus stops – BRT bus terminals, t be more specific – in the state. So, if you are a BRT user, you can expect to be able to connect to the free Wi-Fo service along the Fadeyi to Mile 12 BRT terminals, as well as at Ikorodu and TBS terminals.

City Connect says that they will expand to cover more locations, including malls and parks. They claim to currently cover 15km.

How City Connect Free WiFi Works

Unlike the way it is with Red Cheetah free WiFi, there is no data cap on City Connect’s service. You can use as much as you can daily.

However, your internet usage will be interrupted by an ad at intervals of 20 minutes. You can initiate another internet session after each ad. The service can also be used on both mobile devices, tablets, and laptops.

City Connect has not specified what speeds users can expect, so you will have to give it a try to find out. Please do and come share with us how it went. We love to hear of your experiences.

PS: In related news, there are still a number of public places in Lagos where the use of a laptop is forbidden. Yes; shocking in 2018. For your benefit, we have a list of eateries and public places in Lagos where you are welcome to use your laptop.

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