Medics will love the Clarius Ultrasound Scanner

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The Clarius Ultrasound Scanner is a handheld ultrasound scanner that works wirelessly with smartphones and tablets. The Clarius C3 Scanner is designed for scanning all parts of the patient’s torso, including the heart. It transmits the high-resolution ultrasound images it generates to an Android OS or iOS mobile device.

Clarius Ultrasound scanner

How The Clarius Ultrasound Scanner Works

Download and install the Clarius app from your smartphone’s app store. Connect the C3 scanner to your device via WIFI Direct. An internet connection is not required to use the scanner with your device.

Huge Benefits For Healthcare

Lower running costs is an immediately potential benefit of a device like this. Many rural regions in the world have no access to adequate healthcare because of the cost of delivery. A handheld ultrasound scanner will be more cost-effective than a full-scale ultrasound scan machine.

Remote areas that are difficult to reach with conventional medical services will also benefit. A doctor or laboratory technician equipped with a tablet and an ultrasound scanner can run scans on the spot and then move on to the next location.

Another scenario in which a mobile health solution of this sort would find great application is in emergency medical situations.

Mobile health is following the path of mainstream tech. Ultrasound scanners no longer have to be the size of a small desk or cabinet to be functional or useful. Ultrasound scanners need no longer be tied to a desk in a consulting room or laboratory.

Power Source

The Clarius ultrasound scanner is powered by a rechargeable battery. The manufacturers claim up to 1 hour of scanning and up to 7 days of stand-by power. Each Clarius scanner comes with two batteries supplied. Those battery times are still low, but hopefully, better batteries will come along the way. There is room for improvement.

Wrap Up

The Clarius ultrasound scanner is a brilliant product. The manufacturer behind the Clarius ultrasound scanner says that it is almost as easy to use as the camera on your smartphone. That is the way it should be. Technology solutions that are easy to use will scale. Mobile technology keeps helping to deliver innovative and more cost-effective health solutions of this sort.

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