How to Conserve data on Android devices

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There’s a popular saying that goes thus,

” Android phones dey consume data”.

People say Android consumes data, but I’d say its a bit unfair to the Android cause. Every smartphone consumes data. iOS consumes data, Blackberry 10 consumes data, it all boils down to usage. You turn on data connection and apps suddenly come alive.

The purpose of this piece is not to argue which consumes more data but rather, how you can manage your data subscription on Android devices.

You see, data usage on your phone is greatly affected by the kind and number of apps you have installed. Most apps connect to the internet or need to connect to the internet. Some do this only when you open it, while some others run on the background. These are things to be wary of.

For non rooted users:
Go to Settings> Data Usage> Press the Options button> Tick Restrict Background data.


Data Savings

Another thing you can do is to disable auto syncing; this stops various apps that synchronize frequently in the background, likewise saving your battery. The catch here is that you won’t receive any instant notifications till you open the apps yourself.

Data Savings 2


You can also choose to go deeper, pick a troublesome app and individually restrict it’s background data.

Data Savings 3


There’s also another option of using firewall apps to individually block apps access to the internet. Non-rooted users can use NoRoot Firewall.

For rooted users:

Use Greenify to hibernate any such stubborn apps or install AfWall+ a very effective firewall app.

  1. Uhm, with the exception of rooting, how are these suggestions to conserve data on Android significantly different to what is offered for other operating systems?

  2. Also:
    -use a browser that offers data compression (such as Opera Mini)
    -turn off images when browsing except when absolutely necessary.

  3. I surf most times with images off only turning it on when I need to see a picture and am so used to it now. Saves me a lot of data.

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