Cool Story: Send Me Recharge Card If You Are Serious About Me

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On a social media platform this week, a dude stumbled on the profile of a lady and decided to chat her up. This is an account of the discussion that followed between the dude and the lady. Real names have been changed to hide the identities of those involved.

Emma: Hello Ronke. How are you today?
Ronke: I am fine
Emma: Your profiles says you love reading. What sort of books do you enjoy?
Ronke: If you are serious about me and you want to be closer to me, please send me a card for us to talk more on phone
Emma: Serious? We have only just met and all I am doing is chatting you up. Serious ke? I just want to be friends
Ronke: *Thunderous silence that fades slowly into the void*

That was where the discussion ended. Of course, Dude was so ticked off. I found this very hilarious. In my opinion, he was about to get conned. Social media sure makes for interesting engagements. Do you have an interesting story from your social media forays? Please share below.

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  1. This is my facebook story:

    Boy: Hello babe, how are u today?
    Girl: I’m fine
    Boy: how’s ur day going?
    Girl: fine
    Boy: ur profile says u stay in calabar. I hope calabar is still dat cute wonderful place I used to know.
    Girl: can u send me 200 mtn card, I wanna call my mum for food bcos I came here to tidy some stuff?
    Boy: is dat what u do on facebook?
    Girl: only 200 card and ur head don dey craze!! Mtchew!!!

    *and she deleted him from her friend list after that*

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