Data price hike: Senate says NCC acted in order

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Nigeria’s Senate Committee on Communications has concluded that the recent NCC directive on data floor price – leading to a data price hike – was done in the nation’s best interest, the Daily Trust reports.

Last month, news broke that the NCC had issued a directive to the big four telecoms operators reinstating the data floor price. By implication, it meant that none of those operators would be able to sell data below that price. The result would be an increase in mobile data tariffs. The NCC had then said that the directive excluded new entrants and small operators, as it was aimed at protecting them.

NCC Data price hike

After a huge outcry by Nigerians, the NCC suspended the directive, citing that it would make further consultations on the matter. The Senate also announced that they would look into the matter.

The NCC is yet to make any further statements about the matter. We will bring you updates as the situation unfolds.

Update: The Daily Trust has published an update to say that the NCC has issued a statement denying that the Senate committee endorsed the data price hike.


  1. Nigerians should be realistic. With the worsening exchange rate and the fact that the telecoms operators use imported machinery denominated in dollars to run the industry, what were Nigerians expecting? The only downside is as usual the regulator NCC will not regulate and ensure abuse and abnormal profits not made by the telecoms providers.

  2. @Ola, I don’t understand your point of view.

    Did the big telcos complain that they were not making enough profit before NCC decided to step in and play Judas?

    And what makes you think they were not already making obscene profit, all along.?

    The fact that the exchange rate has worsened doesn’t automatically imply there should be a rise in product prices and services, if the profit margin was already ultra high, as we suspect in the telecoms sector.

    Why else do you think telecoms is one of the sectors where people earn as high as or more than banks?

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