Dear Airtel Nigeria: Stop spamming me

In what has become a regular occurrence, my Airtel line has become the target of constant spam SMS. I receive at least 3 SPAM messages a day both from Airtel and other services that I never even subscribed to.

In the past week, I also received phone calls that advertise some service or special plan that Airtel thinks I should be subscribed to. Please!

Below is an example of the sort of text messages that I receive on a daily basis:

Airtel SPAM messages glo horoscope

I consider this a very annoying privacy infringement issue. Airtel Nigeria has practically turned my inbox into a marketplace. How do third party horoscope text messages, for example, get my number? Coincidence?

Is there anything that can be done about these SPAM messages? An unsubscribe button perhaps?

Do you face the same on your respective networks, and how frequent are the SPAM messages?

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