Did this lady deserve to get hit?

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gender violence - agressive woman

I found this short video on Facebook.

I am an advocate of men not hitting women. But how does a woman taunt a man so bad like this, despite the restraint he displayed, then jumps on him and expect not to get hit? Your comments.


  1. What’s gender got to do with hitting?

    There are women with yam leg, sideburns and moustache that beat their men silly too.

    We should just advocate for non violence (where possible). We are not animals, and there ARE civilized ways of resolving things (domestically or in business)

    But I hasten to say that there is almost always an exception to any rule. Some disputes are most effectively settled with a resounding slap or a wel_aimeel kick to the groin.


    You can see that at the tail end of the video (after she comes back to hit him) he fights her off and steps away yet she comes back to pounce on him. That guy has self control! In fact he owns self control. I think she deserves what she got and even more.

  3. As in!!! You got it.

    He OWNS self control.

    I cant let a woman harangue me like that.

    Fcuk her, I’ll slap her and apologize later.

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