Odd as it sounds, there really are more apps available for BlackBerry 10 than for either Android or iOS. How? BlackBerry 10 devices have access

Did you know: BlackBerry 10 has the most apps available

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Odd as it sounds, there really are more apps available for BlackBerry 10 than for either Android or iOS. How?

  1. BlackBerry 10 devices have access to all BB10 apps in BlackBerry World
  2. BlackBerry 10 devices also have access to all Android apps available. This is because BB10 devices run Android apps too.

Do the math. That total is more than the total number of Android apps and the total number of iOS apps. You really do not have to be afraid that if you buy a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you will miss out on apps. The truth is that you will have access to the largest collection of mobile apps possible.

How To Get Android Apps on your BlackBerry 10
Download and install a third party Android app store on your BB10 smartphone and you are good to go. Some of the available 3rd party Android app stores include:

Install any of the above or several others and start installing tons of Android apps on your BlackBerry 10 mobile. I know several BB10 users who run tons of apps by installing from the above stores. And the apps run as smoothly as they do on Android devices, so no worries about performance.

PS: You can also send Android apps to your BB10 by Bluetooth, email or direct download. Then you launch the APK file to manually install.

When next someone tells you that BlackBerry 10 does not have apps, just smile and show them the deluge of apps you have running on your device. Or just point them to this page so you don’t have to explain anything!

PS: You might find a few Android apps that do not work quite well on your BB10 device, but for the most part, the app highway is yours.

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  1. Saying “all Android apps” is too presumptious and borders on the untrue. Strictly speaking, only apps developed for Jelly Bean 4.2 and below are supported, and even then, not all. So calm down, Mr Mo. This BBDroid stuff only shows how heavily BB is leaning on Android to deliver its market.

  2. not all Android apps will work on BB10 and not all will work well. but yeah, the app gap is mostly non existent

  3. Well it’s true, the app options is across BB10 and Android so you could say (technically) there are more BB10 apps. However there aren’t that many BB10 apps in BlackBerry World – is that deliberate? Why focus on dedicated BlackBerry apps when you can get the Android apk from another source instead? Doesn’t sound encouraging to BB10 developers.

    Funny enough I don’t use that many Android apps. But since the Amazon App store is available on my device, I’ve been able to pick up a couple of good free apps.

  4. Proudly a Z10 user for almost a year now, and it serves me real good with just the productivity I need. Most android fanboys frown at the mention of the name ‘blackberry ‘ I just look at them and smile.
    The funny part of this all is that I only use two android apps; opera mini and the preinstalled Amazon appstore. I buy most apps from appworld though which I consider the only downside to owning a blackberry.

  5. An average Droid got the playstore (which blackberry hasn’t got access to with humongous apps list), Amazon appstore and numerous third party appstores so the Droid wins.

  6. final note: bb10 can’t play all droid apps.. n d bb itself ain’t facing bb10 apps. so NO to bb having most/more apps *drops mic*

  7. In addition to Amazon, 1mobile & opera mobile store, there is also “snap” which is literally “Google play store” as it serves as a doorway to play store. Better than the previous three in my own opinion.

  8. True to some extent.I got to learn of this when i started using BB10.Not all the android apps work well on BB.

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