Did you know that these things affect your smartphone signal?

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You are probably already aware that your network operator is a factor in the signal quality that you get on your smartphone. However, a study from Strand shows that the quality of your smartphone combined with how it is used and configured is more to blame that your mobile network. Incredible? Yes. According to Strand, all the following contribute to poor coverage on your phone:

1. The quality of antennas in phones.

2. Too many apps. Apps create unwanted signal noise.

3. Free apps.

4. Open apps. These send and receive signals to the network.

5. Too many friends on Facebook.

6. Your smartphone operating system.

7. The same phone may be made with different components from alternate suppliers.

8. Rush hour.

9. Train travel.

Go read the Strand article, 10 things that will give you a bad signal on your smartphone, for all the details.


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