How to disable Auto-correct on your iOS device

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You might have experienced issues with typing on your iPhone or iPad, especially when it comes to Auto-correct. A lot of times when you mean to type in one word, Auto-correct brings up another word entirely. You can disable Auto-correct on your iOS device. Here’s how to do it:

iphone disable Auto-correct

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Next, go to General>Keyboard
  3. Find Auto-correction and set it to Off.

Note that you can disable Auto-correct while leaving spell-checking enabled. This is great for users who don’t like Auto-correct but still want to monitor their typos. Also, this method works on all iOS device versions, so you can disable Auto-correct the same way in all iPhones and iPads. You can turn it back on anytime you want, too.


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  1. I would rather have the occasional miscorrection than turn off autocorrect. It would mean I have to examine every single word I tap to be sure there is no error. (Almost) every word being underlined in red from wrong spelling is no fun and won’t do – for speedy tapping.

    I wouldn’t know about iOS, but the best keyboard apps like SwiftKey, GBoard – Google Keyboard, Minimum or Fleksy on Android are very very good at autocorrect. You could type at speed without checking words and be sure 95% of the time, the words presented would be what is intended.

    Additionally, if you swipe rather than tap, the miscorrect issue is close to nonexistent.

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