There is something exciting about being an early user: one of those who adopt new technology as soon as it is available. The mobile technology

Do not rush to adopt new technology; here’s why

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There is something exciting about being an early user: one of those who adopt new technology as soon as it is available.

The mobile technology space as we know it is rough, voracious, and volatile. Some firms are raking in huge profits, eating their cake and having it while some others are drowned in the onrushing tornado. On the other hand, we the consumers using these devices are the ones having the times of our lives, or bearing the brunt depending on how the case might be.

When I refer to new technology, in this context I mean:

  • A new device i.e a phone, tablet, laptop. Especially coming with a new or pristine Operating System.
  • A new OS update.

There are more angles to it but for the purpose of this conversation, we shall limit ourselves to the above.

Should you rush to adopt new technology

Most of the time, when these new hardware and software come out:

  • They are filled with bugs.
  • They don’t just work, or
  • They’re phased off almost immediately.

There are numerous examples. Even some of us here have been victims at one point or the other.

See the beautiful Nokia N9. I can still recall how Mr. Mo endlessly praised the device, the list of it’s admirers where endless but then, the Nokia N9 came with a new OS called MeeGo which was immediately discontinued by Nokia, and that was just the end for those that rushed to buy it.

Nokia N9 - adopt new technology

See the Nokia X. After die-hard fans have yearned and yearned for a Nokia Android phone, then came the Nokia X. The phone launched with a fork of Android, and yet still had its issues. Unfortunately, Nokia discontinued it’s support for the Nokia X platform and where does this leave the first time adopters?

See the first set of Windows Phones (running Windows 6.5, 7, and 7.5), Microsoft attempted to copy the Apple iOS model with them and failed woefully. Phones running this platform were bloated with unnecessary restrictions. Simply said, It just didn’t work out, and things only got better for them when they launched Windows 8 and 8.1 subsequently.

This is not only about hardware. Rushing to update your phones to the latest software could lead you to trouble. See iOS updates: their first releases are always horrible, iPhones freeze, sometimes loose mobile network or bugged with one issue or the other. Things only get better after subsequent updates that fixes the bugs.

Finally, what we’re saying in essence is this, you’re free to quote me anywhere,

It’s never advisable to rush to get that new device or software update.

Relax!! Do not adopt new technology on the fly. We know it is thrilling to be among the first to finger that new device, but then you could wait a bit before diving in. The patient dog this time will get the fattest bone.

On the flip side, this is one of the curses associated being a techie. We almost cannot help but adopt new technology at every opportunity we get. Gods of mobile!! Have Mercy on Us!! smile emoticon

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  1. Do we really have a choice?Its d price we have to pay for our underdevelopment in keeping pace with modern technology.

  2. this is commonly referred to as the curse of the early adopter. it’s usually a good policy to wait a while, especially for firmware updates

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