Does the Motorola Moto G 2015 work with Smile’s 4G LTE?

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The Motorola Moto G is a mid-range 4G LTE device. You know how we roll here at Knowing that subscribers of Smile 4G/LTE would be interested in knowing whether their SIMs work on it like it does with the TECNO Phantom 5 (see This was what happened when I put my Smile 4G SIM in TECNO Phantom 5), we put it to the test.

There are three variants of the Moto G:

XT1540 – US market, GSM unlocked
XT1548 – US market, locked to CDMA networks
XT1550 – Indian market, GSM unlocked.

Our model is the XT1540. We inserted the Smile 4G SIM into the phone, adjusted every setting, and got….zilch. It wouldn’t pick a signal.

We can authoritatively tell you that if you have a Smile 4G SIM and you are looking for a smartphone to use it with, the Moto G 2015 is not that phone. None of the available variants support the LTE-800 (20 band) that Smile 4G runs on.

If you want the Moto G for a different reason, it really is a nice phone. See our review here: Budget Overkill! The Moto G (2015) Review.


  1. If glo truly owns the 2100 lte band, then when ever they launch their 4g services, they will be the most used in the country due to the fact that most 4g phones support the 2100 lte band.

  2. Unless Glo acquired a smaller player that already owns an LTE license, there’s no way they can have one now. NCC is yet to issue LTE licences to GSM networks.

  3. Thanks for the review Mr Mo. It’s a plus for the phantom 5. It’s good that it works with smile 4G

  4. Do we say Chinese Phones works better? what is the cry about American made all for?

    Think I’ll rather Go China!

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