• Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Dream League Soccer 17 is addictive and enjoyable

I have played quite a number of games on my Android phone. So far, I have had mixed feelings about the games. I use a Hot 4 Lite, so there are some games I cannot even attempt, lest something bad happens. However, I installed Dream League Soccer 17 last week, and I have not enjoyed a football game more on my phone.

Dream League 17 is a football game from First Touch Sports. The game is quite simple: manage your team from the Academy Division and try to be the best team in each division you play. You get coins for every result you get on each match, and you can use these coins to build your team, increase your stadium capacity, or sign new players. The game can be played either online (vs other players) or offline (vs the computer).

Dream League Soccer 17 Screenshot

Dream League Soccer has great graphics. Also, the soundtracks are quite amazing, and the commentary adds some excitement to the gameplay. Unfortunately, all of this takes up lots of storage space. This game is not for you if your phone has low storage space and low RAM. I noticed that after playing for a while it began to lag. But if you close the game and open it again, the game runs more smoothly.

Dream League Soccer 17 is available in the Google Play Store.


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5 thoughts on “Dream League Soccer 17 is addictive and enjoyable”
  1. I like FIFA mobile better, takes up lots of space, but the experience is worth it

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