Entering Numbers on the Nokia E7 keyboard and other shortcuts

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E7 qwerty
Did you know that though the Nokia E7’s 4-row hardware QWERTY keyboard does not have dedicated numeric keys, entering numbers is extremely easy on this highly anticipated business smartphone?

To enter a number, simply press and hold the key on which it is printed. Of course, you can also use Alt + the key, so you have options. Having options is always good.

Some more useful E7 keyboard shortcuts include:

For general text entry (including SMS)

  • Copy – Ctrl + C
  • Cut – Ctrl + X
  • Paste – Ctrl + V
  • Select All – Ctrl + A
  • Change the language – Shift + Sym

Shortcuts specifically for email

  • Reply – R
  • Reply to all – A
  • Compose New message – C
  • Delete a message D
  • Forward a message – F
  • Mark a message as read or unread – U
  • Sync to your mail account – Z
  • Save message to Drafts – Ctrl + S
  • Zoom In – #
  • Zoom Out – +

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  1. Talking about ‘copy & paste’, there is this application by Juriy Bakunin – JBak called TextPockets – for Symbian s60v3 which allows you to copy multiple items to the phone clipboard.

    The copied items even persist even when you reboot your phone (similar to what exists with Copy & Paste on UCWeb browser).

    You can copy from and paste into any application.

    Unfortunately, this app does not work on S60v5.

    Searched relentlessly for an equivalent application, to no avail.

    Does the E7 or any Nokia provide such multiple-keyboard functionality?

  2. I designed an excel spreadsheet for computing clients that I scan on monthly basis.

  3. This is great. having Full Desk-top short-cut functionalities makes the ease of use of the QWERTY key-pad of the E7 Unsurmountable.

  4. @Eyebeekay
    I seriously believe that most of the good old software available for S60V3 were not or have not been ported to S60v5 or Symbian 3.

    Really love the Nokia E7, and even if I don’t buy the Device my Love for the phone has been Registered.

  5. Quite a great number of the old s60v3 apps work on the s60v5.

    Usually the problem is the app interface (input)- as the s60v5 are touchscreens.

    There is a virtual keyboard application available that simulates a physical keyboard (somewhat) and allows a wide range of the v3 apps to work on v5’s.

    There are three different versions (0.91 / 0.94 / 1.01)

    With this virtual keyboard app, many third edition Symbian 60 apps are useable (somewhat).

    See version 0.94 here http://is.gd/zYwmEF

    Owners of Symbian^3 devices like the Nokia N8/E7will also find this app useful in running some of these older-school Symbian non-touchscreen apps on their touchscreen device’s…

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