Both on Windows Phone and Android, We encounter permissions pop up on an app page or while installing an app. One thing we never bother

Essence of Application Permissions

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Both on Windows Phone and Android, We encounter permissions pop up on an app page or while installing an app. One thing we never bother to do is actually review the permissions before installing.

As far as I’m concerned, these permissions are patently useless. They offer no iota of functionality. What is the essence of reviewing permissions you cannot control.

Currently, the way app permissions are handled on Android and WP is the “all-or-nothing” approach, you may either accept all or reject all. Perhaps if Google and Microsoft offer options to accept or refuse each permission individually, then it will make more sense.

Facebook for instance requires almost all the available permissions, but not being able to do anything about it does not mean I will refuse to install it on my device.

iOS is the only modern OS that gives the user some options out of the box, if you want that app to be able to read your contacts but you don’t want it recording media, you can disable it. I think such tweak should be possible and available, regardless of platform.

It is worth noting that some Android OEMs like Tecno and Xiaomi with their MIUI interface, offer options to adjust these permissions either at all times or whenever the app needs to use it.

Applications permission is also possible with root and requisite apps Android. But it remains that majority of Android devices will stay unrooted and therefore without such abilities.

This is one of the little things that need ironing out on mobile operating systems.

  1. my thoughts exactly, Android needs granular app permission control badly. some of the permissions apps require are absurd. Google provided something like that in Jelly Bean 4.3 (App Ops) but it was discarded in subsequent iterations.

  2. Once You Deny The Internet_Access Permission, The Other Permissions Are Pretty Useless For Any App That Wants To Play Funny.

    … The Worry Is Basically About An App That Needs The Internet Access Permission To Do Its Legitimate Work, And Then Also Asks For Unnecessary Permissions Additionally..

    Clearly, Apps Ops Need To Be Reinstated.

    For The Rooted, And With Exposed Framework Installed, There Are Modules And Many Other Apps That Allow You Granularly Disable Permissions You Don’t Want.

    Even For The Unrooted, There Are Apps You Can Use To Eliminate Permissions You Don’t Want From An App..Permanently.. By Regenerating The App.M With Eliminated Offensive Permissions

    The Downside Is That Some Apps Would Crash When Denied.Of Specific Permissions While Running, But In My Experience, Most Work Just Fine.

  3. sad really… oh well gionee esp the m2 has all that in its system manager, more serious in the KitKat

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