Etisalat Nigeria hits 3.5m subscribers

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Etisalat logoTechnology Times reports that with the expansion of its network across the 36 states in the country, Etisalat Nigeria has gained over 3.5 million active subscribers.

According to the report, CEO, Etisalat Nigeria, Steven Evans, made this disclosure to attendees at an international forum when he made a presentation on “Enhancing Competition to Extend Connectivity to as Many People as Possible” at the West and Central Africa Com held recently in Dakar, Senegal.

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  1. the meteoric rise in the quoted subscriber base is probably the result of the ‘home zone’ feature.

    that said, some of these quoted figures remind me of the paper profits declared by banks – how real are they, in practical terms?

    I own the SIMs of all the gsm networks. but I only actively use one of them. fact is,i just loaded minimal credit unto one of them =(which I have not used in MONTHS) – to avoid getting it deactivated

    I suspect that this is the situation with a lot of people too. the figures broadcast about are just that – figures.

    when the proposed universal SIM numbering system takes off, we should no longer need to maintain multiple SIMs any longer..

    And then, we can extrapolate better meaning from quoted figures when we hear something like, ‘there were 2.5million unique subscribers in the month of june 2010’ – just as in webbpage visits….

  2. Etisalat has to keep on doing some unique things to attract new subscribers.

    Hoping the sim registration will also help confirm the statistics

  3. Home zone and solid data connections are big attractions especially for people outside the top 15 major cites in Nigeria (i.e. those with 3G services). In places like the North East (Maiduguri, Yola et al) and North West (Sokoto and co) Etisalat rules especially for data connections. Over there Glo groans, Zain is pain, MTN is crappy and CDMA’s are news. I frequent the North East; believe me I know what I am saying.

  4. The number would have been more if they only spread the network coverage. I have got Etisalat coverage in Owerri but not in my school which is a major fail in my books.

  5. Its okay. I have sims of all gsm networks in 9ja but i fallen in love etisalat network cos of their swift response, voice clearity with minimal coverage etc

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