Evernote has new competition: Dropbox Paper (Beta)

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Note taking on our mobile devices is essential for many users, and Evernote is among the very best (ubiquitous) note taking apps. Dropbox is here with a solution to compete with them. Say hello to Dropbox Paper. This app still in beta, but it shares a lot of similarities with Evernote.

Dropbox Paper

Features of Dropbox Paper Beta

On this app you can create notes and docs, organize lists, and even write code. Teams can collaborate and share, with all the changes reflecting on the go. @mentions can be done too, and users can add, view, and reply to comments.

Before using this service, visit this page HERE and sign in with your Dropbox credentials. I think this is a really good move from Dropbox, trusting the fact that they have an already vibrant cloud storage service.

Download Dropbox Beta

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