Every time an alternative OS wants to run Android apps….

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You know the drill. The developers of an alternative OS to Android come up with the claim that their platform and devices will be able to run Android apps. BlackBerry 10 OS. Sailfish OS. Other platforms that have proposed same include: Tizen OS, Windows 10 Mobile and Firefox OS. I probably left out a thousand other platforms that were once rumoured or that once promised the ability to run Android apps. Please fill in the gap.

Android Apps

But it is all getting tiring. As we saw with BB10 OS, Android apps didn’t always run well outside of its native waters. Looking at Windows 10 Mobile’s UI, Android apps aren’t likely to fit in or always run well on it either. I am not holding my breath for any of the others. Perhaps sometime in the near future, someone will come up with an implementation that works, but if I got a dollar for every time someone claimed that their platform would run Android apps, just perhaps I would be rich by now.

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  1. What those other platforms do not seem to get is that there are only two mobile platforms worth bothering about: Android, ioS. They have the market in a stranglehold.

    Why would I want to make do with an emulation, when I can simply go for the real deal? Like Blackberry embracing the Path of Sanity, those other WannaBe Platforms should simply go the Android Way, the only way. Fully.

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