Some examples of sci-fi car technology that we now use

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There has been a lot of advancements in automobile technology in modern times. We have come a long way from the days of steam-powered engines. However, there are some designs and technologies that we have only seen in science fiction movies, which seem too good to be true. These sci-fi cars usually have some fantastic attributes which would seem impossible in real life. But then, science and technology has reached the level that we can make almost anything if we want to. Here are some awesome pieces of sci-fi car technology we have now:


Having a car that can move both on the road and in the air is one dream that most people living in busy, congested cities have. This dream is closer to reality than some would think. Right now there are several prototypes of flying cars. And we all know that Dubai has launched a flying taxi service.sci-fi car technology


Maybe flying cars are not your thing. how about cars that can move on water? Or cars that can move under water? In 1969, the Amphicar Model 77o was built. This was a car that could move on land and water. Also, the Rinspeed sQuba can move on land, water, and underwater.


There has always been a set of people who want their cars to be able to talk to them. Well, this is one example of sci-fi car technology that has come to life in big ways. If you use GPS while driving, you will most likely be told your directions by the “GPS Lady”. Also, there are cars now that can provide voice feedback to voice commands.


This has been achieved through V2V, or Vehicle to Vehicle communication. This allows vehicles to alert each other of various things like their position, potential collisions and so on. The technology is undergoing a lot of development at the moment, but there has been significant progress made.

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