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Exciting iOS 14 Leaks Reveal New Features For the Apple Watch and iPad

An Apple iOS 14 preview has given us a peek at some wonderful new features that the iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch will receive.

The iOS 14 code preview revealed that Apple is planning an improvement on the Apple Watch ECG feature, and will also let the Apple Watch analyze the blood-oxygen levels of the user. This feature is very vital especially for individuals who always want to keep a close eye on their vitals, ensuring that they are able to detect any early signs of danger to their health.

Apple Watch

The iOS 14 code preview also suggests multiple models of a new iPad keyboard accessory that may house the model of trackpads found on laptops, this feature should come particularly handy for individuals who want to employ their iPads as computers on-the-go, enhancing the ease of operation for these class of users.

Apple have also included “system-wide support” for mouse cursors in the new iOS leaks. More leaks from 9to5Mac indicate that the Apple Watch will come with a “SchoolTime” feature to ensure that parents can keep an eye on their kids’ watches and also manage them effectively from an iPhone.

It will be interesting to see what other unique features the iOS 14 will possess in addition to these when it is released to the public, but we are very certain that Apple still have a number of surprises up their sleeves.



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