Exodus, an HTC blockchain phone, is on the way too

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Crypto-currency is the wave these days, and brands from every sector of tech are trying to get in on the buzz. Sirin Labs has a blockchain phone on the way, but in case anyone forgot, an HTC blockchain phone was announced not too long ago – in May 2018, to be specific.

Just like the Finney phone from Sirin labs, Exodus, which is what we know HTC’s crypto phone by for now, will offer a cold wallet. But HTC Exodus will also have a “key recovery” function.

What else do we know about HTC Exodus?

Sadly, not much for now. There is no other information on even the most basic of its specs.

HTC blockchain phone - HTC Exodus

What Are The Prospects Of An HTC Blockchain Phone?

Banter aside, while crypto-currency is the new cool, it is still yet to go mainstream. In my opinion, crypto-currency phones are far from ready for mainstream adoption either, so it looks like Sirin Labs and HTC are betting against huge odds of market success.

It is even more grave when you bear in mind that both companies are struggling. Sirin came close to shutting down a few years ago, and HTC has been struggling to keep afloat for years. Pushing a blockchain phone in these conditions is a shocking gamble. The addressable market of blockhain phones is so small that it is hard to foresee either of these companies making solid returns.

Sirin Labs claims that their Finney phone is the most secure smartphone, but it has been proven again and again that most consumers do not care about security like that. No smartphone has sold well on the back of being marketed for its great security.

But HTC’s Chief Crypto Officer says Exodus offers an opportunity “to decentralize the internet and reshape it for the modern user”. He has a point, but methinks the company’s timing is off.

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