The Sony Xperia P is a beautiful and capable Android smartphone, but its one huge weakness is its battery life. It has one of the

Extended Standby Mode for Xperia P isn’t working for me

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Extended Standby Mode for Xperia P

The Sony Xperia P is a beautiful and capable Android smartphone, but its one huge weakness is its battery life. It has one of the crappiest battery performance on mobile that I have seen in a while. I use it extensively with an always-on internet connection, and in a maximum of four hours, I am looking for a charger. Many times, less. Apparently, Sony knows about it and developed an app to help with that. Called “Extended Standby Mode”, when activated in the settings menu, it works by kicking in 15 minutes after your Xperia P’s display goes off and executes the following:

  1. Most apps are closed down, with data connection turned off
  2. App sync is suspended and notifications won’t pop up
  3. LED only illuminates to indicate low battery, with a prompt to the Power Management setting when running low
  4. Ongoing data streaming continues

Note that Calls, SMS, MMS, Sony Mobile Calendar and Alarm notifications all work as normal. When you wake up the display by hitting the power button, all the above listed processes are returned to normal. Sony claims that this can improve battery life by up to four (4) times, depending on your usage pattern. Basically, this app improves battery life on your Xperia P if you leave it lying around for long periods of time. That is the problem – the very reason why it is useless to me. My mobiles have to be able to bear up under regular extensive use. Extended Standby Mode needs this one to be put down on the table in a state of rest.

Simply put, Extended Standby Mode cannot and is not working for me. It will not work for other more active users either. My usage pattern means that it brings negligible, if any, improvements to the battery life of my unit. However, if you have a life outside of mobile and have a Sony Xperia P – or plan to get one – go to Settings – Power Management – Activate Extended Standby Mode, and you’re sorted out.

In the meantime, nothing beats putting in a phone the biggest and baddest battery, alongside optimising the OS from the scratch. Nothing.

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  1. Battery problem was my main gripe with Sony Ericsson in their feature phone days and now, it seems the problem is still there. When they keep lagging behind competition in some key areas, it becomes obvious why they’ve not been going do will lately.

    This pursuit of thinness at the expense of one the most important things in mobile is simply not good and I think these other manufacturers lagging behind Samsung should take the battery department very serious and see if it can win them some lost ground.

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