Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone; BlackBerry 10 in emerging markets; and other news

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Here is a quick roundup of news items that do not deserve individual blogposts, but which you will probably be interested in anyway.

First up, Windows Phone is getting Facebook Messenger. Hurray! for users of Facebook messaging. The app should be reading in some weeks’time. I already did a post to say that BBM is coming to Windows Phone soon, based on an agreement that has been reached with BlackBerry.

There is more good news for Windows Phone fans. Version 8.1 is arriving in Spring. But wait, we don’t have spring here. In the northern hemisphere (where the news originated), that should be between March and May; right? And WP 8.1 is coming with dual-SIM compliance, support for installing apps on microSD card, as well as on-screen buttons.

Last year, I did say that BlackBerry would lose its strongholds in emerging markets for various reasons, including the pricing of their devices. Well, it is already happening. According to IDC, BlackBerry marketshare in Indonesia has dropped from 43% to a mere 14%. Here on the African continent, it is reported by StatCounter that Android has grabbed the top smartphone spot in terms of usage.

WhatsApp was down for some hours yesterday, and if my Twitter TimeLine is anything to go by, lots of WhatsApp users are defecting to Telegram. Have a look at this update from Telegram:

1.8 million new users today alone. Wow. Were you one of the defectors?

What else? Oh; yes! Mobile World Congress takes off this week too, so lots of exciting news up ahead. And, yes; I finally got on Instagram. LASTMAN things; yes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, fellow Mobilistas!

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  1. Telegram? i beg, too many IMs. will just stick to whatsapp, hangout,bbm and facebook messaging. i wish i can do without the facebook messaging and hangouts though, but i cant. hangout is slow and unusable with edge network. i love the video hangouts though. facebook messaging is just because of my facebook app. its worse than the hangout app.

    yeah, its MWC this week…yyiippii

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