FG to Slash the Prices of Mobile Phones?

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ThisDay carries news that the Nigerian government is set to slash the price of internet-enabled mobile phones. An excerpt from the news item:

The Federal Government has assured Nigerians that it would begin the process of reducing the cost of Internet-enabled mobile phones, so as to enable more Nigerians have access to the internet.

The article does not say how exactly this will be done, but the last time I checked, government was not in the business of importing and selling mobile phones. Perhaps import tax waivers? Tax-free incentives for manufacturing here in the country? We wait with keen interest.


  1. This is an election year, expect such headlines with stories that make no sense. The important thing is Nigerians will believe Govt. want better things for them. I believe the story have to do with the removal of the recently imposed 2% tax on computers and phones imported into the country. Government want to scrap it. Why impose it in the first place?

  2. Now, someone must be confused here, and.it sure ain’t.me!

    just a few.months,this.same government announced plans to increase tarrif on IT equipment…mobile.phones inclusive.



  3. Working on things like enhancing the quality of electricity supply in the country and thus reducing the cost GSM operators incur through power generation to their masts would’ve been more meaningful and could help the operators actually think of reducing cost of internet access to their customers and also channel part of the savings to expansion and improvement in their infrastructures.

    Though phones could still be proceed cheaper, I think they are cheap enough already that most people will be able to afford them. The real headache in my opinion is subscribing to data plans to enjoy the internet capabilities of these devices and since this is a recurring issue, it will benefit the people more, but then as someone said, the government is probably just making a subtle campaign than actually interested in making things better for the people.

  4. Cost of internet subscription is more important to mobile internet adoption I think. What’s the point of purchasing a 5000 naira smartphone if I have to buy 2000+ data subscription every month to enjoy it?

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