Finally, a brand new BlackBerry for below N20,000

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BlackBerry 9220

For years, mobile subscribers have clamoured for more affordable prices for BlackBerry smartphones. The Canadian brand didn’t seem to pay any attention. At least until now, when compelled by realities to adjust. Now, you can pick up a brand new BlackBerry curve 9220 for between N17,500.00 and N19,000 in the market.

Of course, you will lose access to 3G, as the 9220 does not support that technology. EDGE isn’t actually horrible for tweeting, BBM and mobile browsing. But if you are looking for a budget phone that you can maintain on a monthly budget of N1,000 for mobile internet, then you cannot go wrong with the Curve 9220. Plus, there is Wi-Fi for when you have access to a hotspot at the office or at one of those conferences you attend. It has got really good battery life too.


  1. Na, lack of 3g is a definite deal breaker, when the world is moving on to LTE they’re releasing a smartphone without 3g, Curve 7 it is.

  2. Actually, the majority of the world’s mobile subscribers do not have access to 3G yet. Estimated global 3G access as at Q2 2013 was 24.55%. Devices like the Curve 9220 are still very important in the market.

  3. As hard as I have tried, I still can’t point out who bewitched RIM (BlackBerry) into stupor! Do they still think Africa is so backward in technology that a low end phone with only 2G facility would sweep us off! Poor RIM!!

  4. Personally I don’t see any mistake by RIM in bringing this device to Africa or any where in the world as a whole.
    Those who know much about 3G network will not even buy this phone even if 3G is included in this phone, because it still lack some specs that those who know what 3G is would love to see on their phone.
    what are we talking? Have we forgotten that curve2(which lack 3G too) was the most popular of all BB brand in Africa or Nigeria in particular? Most people who even own the curve bought it 2nd hand and it costs them more than 20k.
    Geeks often easily forget that they are still and will continue to be minority in terms of market share. The only thing I can say is that, RIM was late in discovering their mistake. This is because the “madness” to own a BB has drop. If only this phone was on the market 2 or 3 years back, it would have turned out to be the Lumia 520 of RIM. Never the less, like they said, better late than never.

  5. @tra_z. You are right the 9220 came out last year with it’s cousin the 9320. Its now RIM have woken up from their slumber and slashed the price, but its too late as Tecno has hijacked the budget smartphone market in Nigeria.

  6. Your info on curve 2 was then. Level of enlightenment has risen quite remarkably. Again, congestion as a result of growing subscribers has further reduced 2G network browsing experience to snail’s pace.

  7. Trae, the article says, “Now, you can pick up a brand new BlackBerry curve 9220 for between N17,500.00 and N19,000 in the market.” It doesn’t say that the Curve 9220 has just been launched. 😉

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