If you have been wondering where to find a SOLO hotspot to download movies for SOLO View from, that makes two of us. I am

Where to find a SOLO hotspot nationwide

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SOLO Hotspot

If you have been wondering where to find a SOLO hotspot to download movies for SOLO View from, that makes two of us. I am so itching to try the service out but had no info on hotspot locations. SOLO View is a service that lets mobile users download full length movies for offline watching on their devices. The service provides WiFi hotspots nationwide where users can download movies.

Here is the current list of available SOLO Hotspots by states:

Plot 120A Aba Abia Slot – Aba
33, St. Michael Road, Aba Abia Eze-Gold Aba

12, Park Road, Gwagwalada Abuja CD-Plaza
New Banex Plaza, Wuse 2 Abuja Slot-Wuse-2
Plot 466, Ahmadu Bello Way, Abuja Abuja Slot Garki 2

18, Ikot Ekpene Road, Tecno House, Uyo Akwa-Ibom Eze-Gold Uyo
3, Ikpa Road, Opp. Uni. Uyo Akwa-Ibom Ibedmore Uyo
69, A-line, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo Akwa-Ibom SLOT Uyo

79a Old Market Road Anambra Guaranty – Onitsha
6 new market road Anambra Glaceo – Onitsha
5 Nzobiokobi Road Awka Amambra Guaranty-Anambra

18, Ndidem Usang Iso, Calabar Cross River SLOT Calabar
89, Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Calabar Cross River Macson Calabar

287 Nnebesi Road Delta SLOT Asaba
Gauranty Asaba Delta Gauranty Asaba
389, Konwea-Shopping Plaza, Nnebisi, Asaba Delta Easy Links Comms, Asaba

89, Ekewa Road, Benin Edo SLOT Benin

24, Opkara Avenue Enugu Enugu Slot Enugu
6, Market Road Enugu Fine-Brothers Enugu
16, Railway Line, Enugu Enugu Fine-Brothers Enugu
Shoprite Enugu-Fine-Brothers Enugu Shoprite Enugu

30, Beirut Road, Kano Kano Kabs-Comms Kano
8, Beirut Road Kano Kano Evergreen Kano
222, Zaria Road, Kano Kano Slot Kano

11 Ola Ayeni Str Ikeja – Effect Lagos Effect Ikeja
9 Otigba Street Ikeja – Microstation Lagos MicroStation Ikeja
21 Ola Ayeni Street Ikeja – Smat Lagos Smat Ola Ayeni Ikeja
10 Medical Road Ikeja – Seaman Lagos Seaman Ikeja
11 Saka Tinubu Victoria Island – Microstation Lagos MicroStation VI
127 Olojo Drive Alaba Int’l – Slot Lagos SLOT Alaba
512 Road Junction Festac Town – Ideal Mobile Lagos Ideal Mobile Festac
13A Saka Tinubu Victoria Island – Slot Lagos SLOT VI
34 Oba Akran Ikeja – Airtel Office Lagos Airtel Oba Akran Ikeja
34 Olojo Drive Alaba Int’l – Pointek Lagos Pointek Alaba
2B Medical Road Ikeja – Slot Lagos SLOT Medical Road Ikeja
13 Awolowo Way Ikeja – PTV Lagos PTV Awolowo Ikeja
19 Ola Ayeni Street Ikeja – Slot Lagos SLOT Ola Ayeni Ikeja
18B Awolowo Road Ikeja – Smat Lagos Smat Awolowo Ikeja
7 Kodesoh Street, Ikeja Lagos Affordables Ikeja
19A Awolowo Way, Ikeja – Okayfones Ikeja Lagos Okayfones Ikeja
2A Medical Road Ikeja – Revive Lagos Revive Ikeja
26 Awolowo Way Ikeja – Ringo Lagos Ringo Ikeja
68 Lagos Road Ikorodu – Microstation Lagos MicroStation Ikorodu
51 Marina Lagos Island – Slot Lagos SLOT Lagos Island
22 Road Junction Festac Town – Damiano Lagos Damiano Festac
512 Road Junction Festac Town – Slot Lagos SLOT Festac
75 Lagos Road, Ikorodu – Slot Lagos SLOT Ikorodu
2 Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere – Pointek Lagos Pointek Surulere
67 Adeniran ogunsanya Lagos SLOT Surelere
3 Caulcrick Road Apapa Lagos SLOT Apapa
94 Shyllon Street, Ilupeju Lagos Bajeiid Company Ilupeju
New Road Bus Stop Cherub Mall, Lekki Lagos Slot – Lekki
Arena Shopping Complex Bolade, Oshodi Lagos Slot – Oshodi
Shop No-2-2001 Cafeteria New Hall, Akoka Yaba Lagos Slot Unilag
6, Medical Road Ikeja Lagos Pointek Medical Road

121 Abayomi bus Stop Iwo Road Ibadan Oyo SLOT Ibadan
Cocoa Houes Shopping Mall Dugbe Ibadan Oyo Mizbeach Ibadan
SW8 / 838B Challenge, Ibadan Oyo Revive Ibadan
Rao Foam Complex, Challenge, Ibadan Oyo Albarka Ibadan
J-Allen, Dugbe, Ibadan Oyo Fatherz-Telecomz – Ibadan
50 Fajuyi Road Mokola, Ibadan Oyo PTV Ibadan
65 Fajuyi Road Mokola, Ibadan Oyo Top Zion Ibadan
Lamidi Ajadi Complex Iwo Rd. Challenge Oyo Top Success
Independence Hall University of Ibadan Oyo OniluPrime
11-Queen Elizabeth Rd Tolaf Building, Mokola, Ibadan Oyo LaPlace
Challenge, Ibadan Oyo Solat

15 Aba road Rivers Callus Miller – Port Harcourt
290 Aba Road Rivers PTV Port Harcourt
128 Aba road, Rivers SLOT Port Harcourt

The highest concentration of SOLO View hotspots seems to be found in and around Computer Village, Ikeja. SOLO View is available only for Android smartphone users for now.

I am betting that this list will keep changing over time, so you should also bookmark its original location: SOLO View HotSpot Locations

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  1. roughly 2/3 of the hotspot locations are within a 1 KM radius in Ikeja (Computer Village and Awolowo Road), that’s not good enough

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