First look at HiOS on TECNO’s upcoming mobile

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HiOS is TECNO’s new custom user interface. Its first appearance is on the next smartphone to be launched by TECNO. We already have a unit of this device here at Mobility and can share a few photos of HiOS with you.

From the About Phone menu:

hios about

HiOS Homescreen

hios homescreen

HiOS App Drawer

hios app drawer

Yes, yes, yes; I know you are itching fpor more than these, but you will just have to wait. I can say, though, that for those of you who wanted a budget Phantom, this seems to be what the doctor ordered for you. *wink*


  1. I like the UI. It’s stellar and cleaner. We are waiting to experience the HIOS really good on upcoming Tecno devices

  2. Tecno mobile has been consistently innovating for better users experience. I believe this HIOS will make Tecno devices unique. I hope this HIOS will be available on the phantom 5?

  3. I like Tecno because it’s durable. I am so eager to explore the new Tecno user – interface

  4. Wow, a user – interface for Tecno mobile? this is a right step forward, waiting to see how fluid the Hios will be

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