Technology is no longer an extension of our lives. It is now entrenched as a part and parcel of our everyday living. Modern technology is

Five (5) ways mobile technology is making life easier for you

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Technology is no longer an extension of our lives. It is now entrenched as a part and parcel of our everyday living. Modern technology is the new global culture. It is how we live, work and play. This is true primarily because mobile technology has made technology very personal.


Here are a few examples of how mobile technology is making life easier for you.

One: You can sit in your house and send money from your bank account to your child in school or your family in the village. You can pay all sorts of bills too. The miracle of mobile banking.

Two: Stuck with work at home or at the office? From your phone, you can order a pizza or a proper meal of pounded yam and egusi and have it delivered to you, so you don’t starve to death on the job,

Three: Travelling out of town? You can book your bus ticket or an airport pick-up or drop-off ride right from your mobile phone.

Four: You really, really no longer need a dedicated camera for most of your casual, personal photography needs. Just invest in a good smartphone with a good camera and you are assured of good photographs. And you can edit your images right on the phone and email or share them with a few taps.

Five: You can carry your Bible, Quran or other holy book everywhere you go. All it takes is just one app download and all those books, chapters and verses that you love to quote and recite are no more than a few taps and swipes away from you.


  1. I’m yet to experience m-banking truly. Don’t know what’s wrong with UBA. I downloaded their official Android app, only to discover it was pure rubbish. The UI was UGLY and looked like something out of Android 2.3. As for functionality, it worked fine… until I tried to perform a transaction. Till today, I have been unable to perform any kind of transaction or even check my account balance. it keeps saying “Network Connection timed out” even when the network is on a reliable H+.
    I uninstalled the app and now, I watch with envy whenever I see Access Bank or GTBank customers banking on the go. I’ll soon open an account in one of the more forward-thinking banks.

  2. Yeah,Gtbank Internet banking really rocks,I can’t remember the last time I had to go to the bank for any transaction be it local or international, the wonders of technology is indeed part and parcel of the every day life we live in..

  3. Sorry o. Not all banking apps are equal, and when you find a great one you don’t want to go back.

  4. I’m unashamedly old school when it comes to photography. Mobile phone cameras are okay, but nothing beats a dedicated camera. Not even a camera app with tweaks equivalent to a real camera can compare.

    A 13 megapixel camera still offers me more options than a 13 megapixel camera on a phone. And because it’s a dedicated device and not a Jack of All Trades, I don’t have to worry about the battery dying on me whilst multitasking.

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