Ford Sync 3 drops Microsoft for BlackBerry

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Automaker, Ford, has churned out smart cars for years. Their in-car Sync system, was originally powered by Microsoft’s Windows Embedded, but that is about to change. Ford has selected BlackBerry’s QNX (same software that powers Blackberry 10) to power the latest version, Sync 3.

Ford Sync 3

Ford says that the biggest improvement to Sync 3 is performance. That, a simpler, easier to use touch interface, and voice recognition. Voice recognition is a big boost for a car system, as it frees up the driver’s hands to..well…drive. In addition, Sync 3 supports Wi-Fi connectivity. As such, your car can connect to your home network and automatically update itself at night. Cool.

Cnet reports that Sync 3 will hit Ford cars in 2015.

Do read up all the juicy details here: Ford Sync 3 drops Microsoft, puts MyFord Touch out to pasture

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