We all know those phones that claim to have heart monitoring sensors. The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes to mind. We’ve always said this, “On Android,

Forget Samsung claims; Here are heart-rate monitors you can use

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We all know those phones that claim to have heart monitoring sensors. The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes to mind. We’ve always said this, “On Android, there’s an app for everything”. Here’s a list of heart-rate monitors that you can use without the need for the ‘special’ heart rate sensor.

heart-rate monitors

The Android heart rate monitors claim to work the LED flash and back camera of your phone. Check them out.


heart-rate monitors -Cardiograph1
Cardiograph is an application that can measures your heart rate. It uses your device’s built in camera to calculate your hearts rhythm. With it you can save your results for future reference, you can also create multiple profiles to keep track of results form different people.
This app also has Android Wear support. It can measure your pulse using the hear rate sensor of the smartwatch.

Download Cardiograph HERE.

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

heart-rate monitors - Runtastic1

Runtastic Heart Rate is another app that can measure your heart rate. The shows you how fast your heart is beating at any given moment, no extra devices needed. It presents graphs to illustrate your measurements. You can also upload your results to Runtastic.com, to help you compare and analyze results overtime.

Download Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor HERE.

Instant Heart Rate

heart-rate monitors - Instant-Heart-Rate (1)

Instant Heart Rate is one other app that can monitor your heart rate. It has a real-time chart that shows your every heart beat. This app uses the built-in camera to track color changes on your fingertips that are directly linked to your pulse. The fitter you get the lower your heart rate will be. You can also monitor Cardio workout with this app.

Download Instant Heart Rate HERE

All the above listed apps make use of your phone’s back camera. Simply place your finger on the camera and watch the app take readings. If your device doesn’t have an LED flash, be sure to take the measurement in a well-lit area. They say bright daylight works best. Use this and boast among your friends in the medical field.

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  1. lol, it’s nothing to boast about, unless you have particularly low resting figures. heart rate monitoring is unimportant unless you’re exercising and then doing it with a smartphone is hardly elegant. you’d have to stop or slow down (unless the exercise leaves your hands free and stable) and then your pulse would also slow down. this is (partially) why fitness bands are popular, on the go measurements and no user input

  2. Unless a smartphone has special hardware it uses to accomplish something, there is nothing for which an app doesn’t exist … particularly on Android ..

  3. I can see where the need for improvisement comes in especially in our society,but if one is a fitness fanatic as to care about monitoring their heart rate,then they should invest in a proper fitness band that gets the job done right without skipping a bit nor introducing potential artefacts into the reading..

  4. I have two of these apps (the pro version of one was free). I use them mainly first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Why? I realise the higher my heart rate before I go to sleep, the more sleepless night I will have. And I realise my heart rate peaks on occasions, even whilst resting.

    A fitness band doesn’t quite cut it, as those measuring heart rates, like steps, can be a bit inconsistent. Mine tells me how many steps I’ve taken and roughly how many calories I’ve burned If you’re into fitness, the best way to do it is with a simple Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor and a fitness app eg Runtastic, MapMyRun. That way you know what you’re average heart rate is and maximum heart rate whilst exercising.

    Alternatively, there are the likes of Garmin, Polar and Nike+ watches for the dedicated ones 🙂

  5. I really wonder people’s reason for monitoring heart rates though… LOL, this isn’t app or phone business. It’s medical stuff. You should visit the clinic for proper checkup if you feel something is wrong with your heart. Hehe

  6. It’s a great way to kill time and entertain yourself, hearing the beeps in rhythm with your heart and watching the gauge go around…

  7. Just one of those many options that ends up being used out of boredom or just to prove ‘my phone can do this’

  8. Actually I was being sarcastic, but I can see it flew over your head. “my phone can do” sounds like a primary school thing – I can’t relate.

    I actually use the heart rate monitor in conjunction with other apps. Nothing else to say really, if it isn’t your thing it isn’t.

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