Samsung Galaxy S6 ignites on China Airlines’ flight

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Just when we thought there would be no more news of combusting Samsung smartphones, we get reports that a Samsung Galaxy S6 ignited aboard China Airlines flight CI027, heading to Taipei. One report states that the fire caused the owner of the phone minor burns to his hands, while another states that no injuries were reported.

The heroes of the day were the flight crew who quickly responded by sealing the phone in an ice bucket.

The year 2016 has been a bad year for Samsung. The Note 7 was a promising smartphone whose lifespan was cut short by a series of explosion events. Samsung is making huge financial losses from having halted sales of the Note 7. The smartphone giant already suffers some measure of damage to the brand. The damage to reputation may even be more injurious to the brand than the immediate financial losses are.

Samsung Galaxy S6 ignites

Another explosion of a different model is the last thing that Samsung needs now. Yet, it has happened. Already, the brand has fallen from being the most profitable Android manufacturer.

The question on the minds of many now is, Will Samsung pull back from this dark episode?

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