Get bits of Windows 10 preview in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2

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Windows Phone 8.1

There is a new update being pushed out to some Windows Phone smartphones. Named Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, it appears that what it brings to the table are bits of Windows 10 preview. Microsoft has stated that this update would be available for the Lumias 640, 735, and 830. However, I got an update prompt on my 930 tonight and I am currently downloading it.

The following features are expected in this update:

  • new structured layout in Settings
  • any Settings item can now be pinned to Start
  • minor cosmetic UI changes
  • support for Bluetooth keyboards
  • Support for Cortana in more regions and languages

Once I have it running on my mobile, I will bring you more info.


  1. why not just wait for Windows 10? if all devices running 8.1 will be eligible for upgrades to 10 why is Microsoft developing another intermediate version/build?

  2. I’m not running after Win10 developer’s preview and this WP 8.1 update 2 doesn’t inspire me.

    I’ll wait until the official Win10 release where I can enjoy it in all of its glory (or gory).

  3. 3rd World Techie,

    You probably need to run a search for Windows 10 Technical preview here on Mobility and on Google for articles that explain to you what it is about. It isn’t “another intermediate version/build”.

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