Here’s how to get paid apps for free, legally, in Google Play Store

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There are several types of apps available on the Google Play store. A lot of them are free. A lot of them, however, are paid apps. This means that you have to buy the apps before you are allowed to download them.

Get paid apps for free on Google Play Store


Sometimes, though, you may need these apps, but lack the desire or the means to pay for them. There are legal opportunities available for you to get paid apps for free on Google Play Store though. A few of them are listed below.

Get Paid Apps For Free

  1. Google has a Free App of the Week promo, where a paid app is available for download for free. However, you won’t find that in the Home Page of the Store. To get at this promo, go to the Family section of the Store, where you will find a banner announcing the free app of the week. Tap on it and you will see details about the app, including what it costs.
  2. Amazon Underground: This is a service by retail giant Amazon which is similar to the Google Play Store and offers a free app of the day. To access the free app of the day, you need to download the Underground app from the Amazon website. You will need an Amazon login, though.
  3. There are several services that offer you free apps. AppGratis is one of these. It offers you a new app for free every day. Note that these offers might not really work the way you expect. For example, some of these apps might already be free. But you can find a real steal there if you are patient.
  4. You could try out Google’s rewards programmes to gain credits. For example, install Google’s Opinion Rewards app and fill out a survey. Then you collect some money. You can take part in several of these surveys, though just once a week. But with the accumulated payments, you can pay for apps on the Store.
  5. Also, there’s an app called Get Paid Apps Free. This app gives you tasks to complete, like downloading apps or watching short videos, in exchange for credit. You can use this credit to buy apps.

These are some of the legal methods to get paid apps free on Google Play Store. You can try them out. Do not do anything illegal. Note also that you cannot always get paid apps for free. But you can get some of them on a discount. AppSales helps you monitor your favorite paid apps for when you can get discounts on them. Not exactly free, but it is a bargain.


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