It is no longer news that quite some excitement goes on in and around the Mobility BBM group. As a result of that, on a

Getting into the Mobility BlackBerry Messenger Group

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It is no longer news that quite some excitement goes on in and around the Mobility BBM group. As a result of that, on a regular basis, the Administrator of the group receives membership requests. However, in recent times, there seems to have been some frustration from those trying to get in. Here is an example of this being expressed:

What is responsible for this difficulty in getting in?

BlackBerry Messenger Groups have a membership limit of 30 contacts. Once this limit is reached, another group has to be created for anyone who wants to join. The problem is that no interaction is possible between the original group and any subsequent ones, or between any two different groups for that matter. The original Mobility BBM group was quickly filled up, and so any new requests meant that a second group – isolated from the first – had to be created.

As such, when new members find themselves in a new group with no access to thee original core active members and excitement, they get discouraged. Usually, new members are unable to reproduce the excitement and colour of the original group, and so the new group fizzles out. This has happened every time so far, and the cycle goes on and on like that. New members come in, get put in a fresh group, get disappointed, because all the action is in the core group, and fizzle away.

Eventually, the Administrator stopped adding any new members unless there is room in the original group. You know, once in a while, someone stops using a BlackBerry (checks self in the mirror), and there is an open slot for a new member to be added. This means that indeed, it has become easier to pass through the eye of a needle than to get into the Mobility BBM Group.

If we do have an individual or a handful who are willing to put in the required energy into making Mobility BBM Group 2 come alive and thrive, do contact the Admin @AdNikky, or via email to mobility AT, and you can get things rolling. Until and unless we get that kind of commitment to a second group, we will have to wait till either RIM increases Group membership limits or someone drops out of Group 1 in order to add new members.

But then perhaps what makes the Mobility BBM Group alluring is the current exclusivity that seems to surround it? Just perhaps.


  1. I’m really missing that BB group. I think I joined within a few days of its creation, and I’ve always been a member until a few weeks ago, when I decided to stop using my BB. :'(

    I miss Prince Sokunbi, Signor, Enyinna, Jide, Chibex, World Famous Lammy, Sir Kuta, Dr Chuks, Deoladoctor, Pharmtasy, Muyiscoi, Al Agoweey, Andy Ameh, Olafam, Commander Obinna, SunnyCee, MC Prince, dear Nikky, and a few other I don’t recall atm.

    I had some great times in that group!!

  2. LOL!!!
    You that left long ago…and kept telling people to avoid joining blackberry groups! You don’t realize how people in the group yabbed you during that period. That’s why we were reluctant to allow you back in all those weeks ago. I dunno about your group behavior now sha…lemme ask Nikky. 🙂

  3. i was fortunate to join the group recently, and i think i was the 30th member. Needless to say its been fun and more fun, i’m not leaving anytime soon

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