Gionee has gone stark raving mad and decided that the way forward is to churn out every sort of variant of the Marathon M5. Here

Inspired by Samsung? See the new Gionee naming scheme

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Gionee has gone stark raving mad and decided that the way forward is to churn out every sort of variant of the Marathon M5. Here is the full list (as at press time) of available M5 variants:

  1. M5
  2. M5 Plus
  3. M5 Lite
  4. M5 Enjoy
  5. M5 Mini

As you can see, it seems that there is a Marathon M5 for everyone. And we might just wake up tomorrow to the announcement of another M5 variant. The Gionee naming scheme is on fleek and will leave consumers and buyers confused.

Gionee naming scheme - Gionee Marathon M5 Plus, Enjoy and Lite

Here is the thing. This sort of behaviour used to be the forte of Samsung. And to some extent, it still is. After all, there is a Galaxy S6, and then there is S6 edge, S6 edge+, as well as S6 Active and S6 Duos. Before then, there was a Galaxy S5, S5 Neo, S5 Mini, S5 Duos, S5 Active and S5 Sport, among others. See what I mean? It is a mess.

How does anyone keep up with all these variants of the same device? Plus, that strategy doesn’t seem to be quite working for Samsung. In my opinion, it creates confusion. This sort of thing just confuses buyers. I do not know if Gionee is going to get more smartphones sold this way. Time will tell; no?


  1. These Gionee People should learn from Tecno. They release a few and market them appropriately.

  2. This is kind of confusing actually.Tecno has the camon c8 and phantom and they are heavily marketing those and it is working. I don’t know about this

  3. This is what I don’t really get. Does the variant of the same phone model bring in more money? Or just a waste of resources?

    Yes, one might argue that buyers should have choices, but is there really a choice here or just confusion on the end of both parties. What exactly make any of the variant better than the other?

    I think it will serve these companies with the marketing strategy of producing needless variant to rather focus on 2 at the most, cut cost of production and save more money.

    Jeez! Not an Android phone. Buyers have choices every where in the market, why flood it with quadruplet or “fivetruplet” of the same phone.

    I’m dizzy already… Gosh!

  4. Maybe,just maybe the phones are actually doing well in the market and they then decided to take advantage of the popularity surrounding the Marathon M5 name to release more devices associated with the same name..

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