Nigerians react to another Glo 4G LTE launch

After several false “launches” of their 4G network all the way from the first hoax launch in 2011, another Glo 4G LTE launch happened yesterday. This time, people are reporting that the network actually exists. That is some relief. But Nigerians are not passing the opportunity to express their feelings about the whole matter. We have compiled the best bants and rants around this launch that we could lay our hands on from Twitter. Enjoy!

Glo 4G LTE launch

The Bants Around This Glo 4G LTE launch

Nigerians have got no chill. Apart from the vexation of all the previous hoax launches, it seems quite a number of mobile subscribers are dissatisfied with the performance and reliability of Glo’s internet services.

Bants Aside…

Bants, vents and all aside, there are subscribers who still swear by Glo for their data needs. Glo internet does work for some people. If you are interested in using Glo 4G, here is how to subscribe to a Glo 4G data plan.

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