Press release from Globacom: Globacom on Tuesday, January 11, blazed another trail in the country as it launched the first 4G LTE network in Nigeria.

Glo announces the first 4G LTE network in Nigeria

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Press release from Globacom:
Globacom on Tuesday, January 11, blazed another trail in the country as it launched the first 4G LTE network in Nigeria. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a revolutionary Fourth Generation Mobile Technology which enhances the data transfer rates delivering unmatched mobile broadband experience and highest data speeds and reliability.

LTE is the next step from 3.5G & High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) for many users not only those on the GSM technology curve but also for others too, such as CDMA and WiMAX and is touted to offer the path-breaking 4G experience for consumers.

It presents an unimaginable opportunity to deliver lightning fast data speeds in excess of 100Mb/s uplink and 50Mb/s downlink. As such, it will revolutionize deployment of data centric applications, High Definition Video Streaming, HD-Video bridging, Interactive Multiple Gamming, E-Health Care etc.

Glo first 4G LTE network in Nigeria
Globacom’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Mr Mohamed Jameel, (middle) speaking at the launch of Glo 4G LTE in Lagos on January 11. He is flanked by Chief Technical Officer (Engineering) Globacom, Mr Peter Schubert, and Glo Ambassador, Uche Jombo.

An elated Group Chief Operating Officer of Globacom, Mr. Mohamed Jameel, told newsmen that though people could already browse the internet or send e-mails using HSPA-enabled systems and send or receive video or music using G phones, the experience with LTE would be even better.

“It will further enhance more demanding applications like interactive TV, mobile video blogging, advanced games or professional services, enable more Nigerians to be on top of their game and thereby ruling their world”, he added.

“For our subscribers, LTE offers the key benefits of performance and capacity”, he said, adding that with its speed and reliability, LTE, more than any other technology, already meets key 4G requirements. He expressed happiness that Globacom was leading the way in introducing another transformational experience in Nigeria as “we have always been in the forefront of providing tools of business success for Nigerians”.

4G-LTE is designed to be backwards-compatible with GSM and HSPA, incorporates Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) in combination with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) in the downlink and Single Carrier FDMA in the uplink to provide high levels of spectral efficiency and end user data rates exceeding 100 Mbps. It is also backed with major improvements in capacity and reductions in latency.

The Globacom GCOO also said that there were over 24 networks in the world which had already adapted and launched 4G-LTE networks across the world. “It’s the state of art technology and we will now connect the demanding corporate customers and high data users through the latest 4G-LTE wireless broadband connection to Glo 1 and then the rest of the world,” he noted. He further said that the company was being proactive in meeting the mobile broadband need of its growing subscriber base. “As the data dependence and applications grow, the need to deliver higher speeds on wireless would continue to grow,” Jameel stated.

He disclosed that, by 2012, an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide would have access to broadband services and that nearly two-thirds of this number would be mobile broadband consumers who would be served by LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks. He said Globacom was committed to bringing all such latest and best technologies available in the world to Nigeria.

Mr Jameel recalled that Globacom led the way in the introduction of cutting edge technology and services in Nigeria. Prominent among the innovations which Globacom pioneered are the Per Second Billing, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Magic Plus, Glo Direct, Glo Mobile Internet, Glo Fleetmanager, M-Banking, Glo Mobile Office, Africhat, Glo Foneplas, all running on a superior 2.5G network at roll-out. The company also introduced Blackberry to Nigeria long before others began to join the train and equally pioneered 3.5G commercial roll-out in the country.



This supposed 4G LTE launch turned out to be a hoax. Glo 4G network did not go live until October 2016. – Editor

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  1. While 3G HSI is crappy and location based, they launch LTE 4G… hmmn
    Guess they’ll be shipping in LTE compliant devices; a bunch of monster spec devices were showcased at CES 2011. Lets keep our hands crossed.

  2. Isn’t it just like a Nigerian telco to announce something like this? We know what will follow…patchy rollout, lack of devices, high cost etc etc. Don’t we all know what happened with their famed 3G? They barely have effective 3G service and they are rolling out 4G – we all know why. So they can claim to be the first to do so!

  3. This is a good thing! But Why am I not excited?

    First of all, 3G has been the in thing but it hasn’t really caught on in all the regions in Nigeria apart for SOME big Cities. The question, to what extent has GLO distributed their 3G services in Nigeria, now they are launching 4G?

    then, how many phones are LTE compliant? Dunno. Apart from the EVO 4G, other phones announced at the CES are not yet in the market! Or maybe they want to market 4g with modems and WIFI router devices. Maybe. But the question still goes; if they so wish to abandon 3G and market 4G? Is it really worthwhile to delve into this new technology which does not have the full blessing of the ITU yet, when in the next one or two years a new 4g Technology will be available?

    For sure, I just can’t say if this is a good thing, or if it is just a show of publicity and hype again. Just because I can, then I would Do, without consideration of the market condition. Just to be the first to launch!!

  4. Let me quickly state that my business acumen is probably nothing to brag about HOWEVER I do remember O’level Economics which states that every business is established to make profit (There are a minute few that don’t quantify life based on naira and kobo though).

    What baffles me is the fact that these networks (Globacom in this case) spend pornographic sums of money to deploy networks that will only be accessible in few areas. And where accessible, either subscribers couldn’t care less because when they tried to setup their via the phones for allow data access but are put off by the fact that they have to visit the various service providers’ offices to have their phones configured (thats assuming you get there and they don’t tell you they don’t can’t setup your phone or device because you phone is “advanced”) or there’s such a low proliferation on these devices in the first place that allow for all the “fancy” data speeds & services being advertised. EDGE can still be erratic (sometimes) let alone 3G!

    Perhaps, its largely a case of “me too” for these service providers.

    If “they” want people to get customers; old and new, used to data consumption (assuming they are actually interested in that), addressing some of the issues raised above will be a step in the right direction. But, it its a case of “me too”, fine then!

  5. Why can’t they make 3G Nationwide before jumping to 4G? Downloading a $2.99 240Mb application costs more than N500 (cost of download more expensive than the cost of the application) even if i’m ready to pay for it, the network is so slow that the download keeps disconnecting every now and then and i’ll end up pissed. We need a stable 3G and 3.5G speeds nationwide instead of 4G. I don’t think there’s a single LTE enabled device in Nigeria yet.

  6. You early commentators have said it all.

    I’ve used Glo 3G for the past 4 months in abuja, ph, owerri, asaba, an it really is crappy. Its speed is an embarrasment to HSDPA/3.5G technology. That’s why they always offer larger data caps than the competition. We are all tired of the hullaboo over the Glo-1 cable. Till today we havenot seen even minor improvements in their networks. I wish the glo website had a facility where customrs could comment on ther servces and latest launchings: they’ll be shocked at what they read.

    The only network that can rightfully push for LTE is mtn. They have the widest 3G/3.5G coverage with amazing speeds.

    Sorry, Glo. Wipe those proud smirks & grins of your faces, cos barely anyone is impressed.

  7. yea! I can then hope to see improvements from my crappy 10kbps speed in ilorin. Even thats an embarrassment to gprs standards. Did i mention that the speed is with a download accelerator. NCC should really look into these false claims by our networks. 4G my a##.

  8. Glo having dashed my hopes cannot impress me anymore.They failed woefully with their glo 1 submarine cable and it will be fool hardy for me to fall for their 4g crap.Mtn has really impressed me with their services of recent had it been them that came up with this news i would have shouted ‘roll it on’.Since it is glo I will employ them to kindly shut up! In Nyanya abuja I get up to 2mb/s download speed with mtn 3.5g network but for glo this is a mirrage an optical illusion upon all their hype about glo 1.This was how hitv came with so much promises & did not deliver compared to the good old dstv.what more can I say……? Famicro I hope you are reading this post?.Do not disappoint us with your ovim tablet or else it will be no turning back for me in support for made in Nigeria products. I can not be patriotic to the extent of waisting my hard earned money.

  9. Why waste our time talking of this? Most of us (am talking about 80% of Nigerians) don’t have access to 3G not to talk of 3.5G, now they’re bringing in 4G. It will still be in Abuja, Lagos, and P.H only.

    The rest of us will continue battling with unsteady and irregular gprs and edge. Business as usual. Nothing changes.

  10. I’m in Asokoro right now, a region with 3.5G coverage from Glo and Mtn. With my Glo Always Micro package, I just downloaded a 36.11MB application on my Wave phone. Took me over an hour!! And the phone was showing the 3.5G signal throughout!

    If I used mtn, it wouldn’t have taken up to 10 minutes. And Glo is talking of bring 4G to Nigeria.

    As Ezeulu [of Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God] said, “DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH…”

  11. I will rather wait for Etisalat 3G than jump at GLO 4G.

    I will prefer MTN 4G, I know it will be expensive but i also know it will be ok

    And come to think about it, I have never seen a phone display GLO 3G logo.

  12. I got a Glo sim and i was surprised that I had to contact their customer care before i could browse with it, they claim they have done it but it still doesnt work. Looks like Glo is good at being the first but they need to work on being the Best.

  13. Bosun99uk,

    Glo is my primary line and I have enjoyed fairly good 3G service till date, though I am suspecting that their 3G coverage is a bit thinner than MTN’s (I also have an MTN line for data with my PC).

  14. Bosun99uk,

    True that, about internet activation on Glo. It was a nightmare for me, and for some others that I know. If I had to recall how many times I sent someone to Glo with my SIMcard and how many silly statements were made, I’d be raving mad.

    Imagine being told that their 3G service couldn’t work on a Sony Ericsson P990i. A supervisor came and insisted on same. To their shame, I did use my Glo SIM with 3G on the very same device. Of course, that was after they fumbled and wombled their way through the data activation process and got 3G service working on my SIM.

    Please, I can’t shout.

  15. We all had high hopes when glo1 was commissioned last year. We thought globacom was going to be the messiah that will bring us affordable true broadband internet. Five months on, what do we have? Slower speed. Even in areas with 3G service. Now they are talking about deploying 4G.
    4G, my foot!
    Glo, better get your acts together or you lose out in the very competetive communication sector. Days back, I was privileged to experience MainOne cable capability courtesy of a free wifi promo at the Palms shopping mall. I got uplink and downlink speed of about 90MBps. Thats the kind of speed we all expect glo to give us with their over hyped glo1 cable.
    I am suspecting that the cable wasnt ready as at the time it was commissioned.
    Extensive and reliable 3G service is what we need now, not 4G that wouldnt work for us.
    @bosun99uk, I always have the glo 3G indicator on my phone whenever am in an area with 3G coverage.

  16. Too bad i could not test the Mainone free wifi at the palms. But the speeds i here about makes me wish.

    I guess i just have not been lucky to see GLO 3G logo on any phone.

  17. Azeez – would you know the data limit of glo’s BIS? 2 seperate sources have told me it’s 1.5 or 6GB.

  18. The confirmation I got is that 1.5GB is for BlackBerry while 6GB is for their Always on internet bundle @7500

  19. Am sorry 4 glo..they almost got to d peak and now they look like they are loosing it everyday..they better get their acts together fast or even etisalat and airtel with their huge financial resources will overtake them soon!

  20. This is 2016 and I am using a microscope to look for Glo’s 4G LTE.

    Corporate falsehood

  21. Brym,

    You are still vexing o!!

    But on a more serious note, I keep wondering what happened behind the scenes. What led to that announcement? Questions. Questions.

  22. it depends on your location o, my side its fast enough to get things done and even in my village in Enugu its the only network that is saving my soul with out them what could i have done with crappy MTN 2G with there expensive data rate

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