On the heels of Glo’s Biiig Dash promo allowing prepaid subscribers to make unlimited Glo to Glo calls for only N40 daily, Glo sent out


Glo “Biiiig Dash” coming to Post-paid lines

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On the heels of Glo’s Biiig Dash promo allowing prepaid subscribers to make unlimited Glo to Glo calls for only N40 daily, Glo sent out an SMS to its post-paid subscribers as follows:


Dear customer,

Very soon we are launching “Biiig Dash” on post paid so that you can enjoy unlimited Glo to Glo free calls on your existing post paid line. Happy talking.



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  2. Its more like bringing more stress on the system. The Quality of Service for Glo since the biiig dash has plummeted to unbelievable lows around where I live. Internet connection has slowed and 3g has disappeared. I dont know if the Biiig Dash is to blame.

    I hope Glo knows what they are doing. I have bought an MTN already. I would rather pay for a stable connection than enjoy free service that seldom works.

  3. @archie, good observation, there.

    You can bet that MANY people (who did not have a GLO line) will have gone ahead to purchase glo sims for themselves and friends (for the sole purpose of chattering inanities, ceaselessly – just because it is ‘close to free’). Ditto, Etisalat.

    It will, of course, lead to network congestion.

    Promos such as this one (and the one by EtiSalat) are not likely to win permanent converts to their network. People will merely take advantage of whatever promo is on @ any point in time, and move on to their normal line when the promo ends. What can attract AND keep a subscriber to a particular network is CONSISTENT and RELIABLE service, followed by the cost.

    If an unreliable or epileptic network offers free service, they may get patronised, but only for the duration of that promo!
    While the providers may claim ‘they are giving back to their loyal customers’, we know their focus is to expand their customer base! Wrong strategy, IMHO…

  4. hi guys,

    I TOTALLY DISAGREE! Glo is moving in the right direction, this is what the major networks all over the world are offering (sprint usa, at$t usa, verizon usa, vodafone uk, virgin mobile uk & usa) unlimited calls or unlimited minutes with networks. This is the next big step after offering free night calls which is very popular… as you all know any network not offering free night calls is not going anywhere)

    The problem with glo is that they’ve got the strategy all wrong. They have to first offer this service to the heavy users by making the call about N200 per day; this will attract those heavy users that have good networks and a large team of sales or staffs who need to be in contact with each other on a regular basis. For example a sales or marketing team leader of a corporate organisation will advise his/her team members to be on a glo line so as they can communicate effectively, cheaply and easily with one.

    This service will firstly encourage staffs of big corporations like banks, oil , sales & marketing, networking companies etc etc to patronise glo network then these staffs will encourage their friends and family to come on glo, then people will slowly begin to migrate to the glo network.

    You must understand that glo doesnt need all their customers to be on unlimited calling, only about 10% of their over 12million active users (i.e 1.2million users) calling the remaining 90%. You must also understand that glo can have their subscribers calling at different times of the day by inplementing a not only 24hrs unlimited calling plan but also a time bound unlimited calling plan (i.e 7 am – 10 am, 11 am – 4pm, 5- 8pm, etc ) By this, you are spreading your subscribers over a 12 hour period which will reduce pressure on the network. This is the same scenario mid-night call users bcos midnight call is based on the fact that not all users will be awake and even if they are awake not all subscribers will want to receive a call at that time.

    This is also the same strategy data network providers (ISP) are offering by giving subscribers different payment plans.

    Now finally, as more people get on the network and more base stations are erected to congested areas, glo can slowly reduce the tariff to accomodate more people and there by monitoring subscriber usage to forestall any congestion. This is what plays in countries where wireless competition is tight like usa, where sprint initially offered $99 /monthly unlimited plans, then now reduced it to about $60/monthly to unlimited to all networks. AT $ T and verizon wireless offer about $45 monthly unlimited calling plan.

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