Glo BIS for 1,400 Naira per Month

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Glo really wants you to “Rule Your World” with the launching of the Blackberry Complete. Just found this on Glo’s website and I think it’s worth sharing with you all, especially the blackberry owners.

BlackBerry® complete plan is another exclusive BlackBerry® bundle service which is available with no other operator in Nigeria. You can not only stay connected to your social circle but also get 1 integrated e-mail address with app world and internet browsing.


If you are an existing Glo subscriber and having BB Smartphone handset , please Text ‘CoMonth’ to 777 to subscribe Complete Monthly plan OR text ‘CoWeek’ to777 OR Text ‘CoDay’ to 777 and enjoy 24 hour pack for just N100

Package Keyword Service Rental Validity Data bundle*
Complete Month CoMonth N1,400 30 days UNLIMITED
Complete Week CoWeek N0,400 7 days UNLIMITED
Complete Day CoDay N0,100 24hrs UNLIMITED

*Fair Usage Applies


BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 1 integrated email address

Start Enjoying this offer


  1. Hmmmmm. I keep my fingers crossed. Lets see how they play this out. I just hope they can handle the traffic unlike uncle MTN.

  2. Wait a minute! Whats the excitement all about???? Whats it with our networks and their total snub of other smartphone users. They should come up with a reasonable data plan for android and d likes!!! This BB only attention is now getting boring jare

  3. What’s the diff tween this bundle and the bundle that MTN has,besides 100 naira?please break it dwn in laymans terms lls

  4. Seyi, I guess the MTN bundle you are talking about is: “Blackberry Social Bundle” that costs N1,500 per month. The difference is that MTN’s Social Bundle can’t access the web while Glo’s new Blackberry Complete can access the web. You can’t use email with Social Bundle. Once again, Glo Blackberry Complete boasts of these are the features of this new package: BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 1 integrated email address

    Here is the link to MTN’s Blackberry page for more info on what MTN has to offer: [Link]
    Here is Glo’s. [Link]

    My opinion: Glo Blackberry Complete is better because you can access the internet and still maintain every other feature MTN has to offer at a lesser rate.

    I hope that helps.

  5. This is what I call a massive game changer. The inclusion of browsing and access to app world makes a massive difference all with a 1.5gb cap.

    As it is now, this is the cheapest and most effective BIS package around. I currently use etisalat BIS and have not had any issues with them. I am due for free BIS next month so I will wait and see how they respond by then. I am avoiding any knee jerk reaction at the moment but frankly this offer is too good to resist.

  6. Considering the amount of data that devices like Android and iPhone zap monthly, I very much doubt if a offer like this would be made for them at this moment. Like Yomi once said, running BIS is cheaper for them ‘causwe of the data compression but that most folks consume just 100mb of their quota monthly.

    LEt’s see how that works out when folks discover they can download their whole data allowance before the month runs out. Then it wouldn’t look profitable to them at all.

  7. Airtel Smartphone plan kinda seem adequate for usage a la #Android and iPhone-1GB @ N3,000…could still be reviewed tho.

    The above mentioned global plan is indeed a game changer! Though it remains a stripped down version of Blackberry service, it gives a lil more value compared to competitors offering.

  8. ‘Really. It’s tempting!…Well, I’ll join only if RIM moves to Android’

    Yeah, right! When Toyota starts using Honda engines. Some hope..

    ‘The inclusion of browsing and access to app world makes a massive difference all with a 1.5gb cap’

    1.5G @ N1,400 a month? Hmmm. ( ears perking up )

    I see a trend with Glo here. Their is 6G @ N7,500 for 6mths on selected Nokia handsets translates to 1G/month for N1,250

    N1,400/mth for 1.5G data (blackberry)

    N1,250/mth for 1G – selected Nokia handsets

    GLO will soon push data bundle(on all platforms / handsets) to 1G for N1,000 – or so -soon. So predicts Prophet Eye.Bee.Kay…

  9. Tuale to Glo.. These guys are just too much. Till date they remain the best customer friendly network, never failing to come up with tariffs that favour the customers.

  10. This is great news, really. I had been planning an article to push for lower tariffs for full BIS plans. This is close enough – full social plus 1 email, app world access and browsing.

    Most people don’t use more than one email address anyway.

    Sigh! My article has been overtaken by this. Back to the typewriter I go!

  11. I dont think glo would bring up 1G for N1000+ plan in the near least not this year cos it would be too good to be true! But we may never know..they have the whole bandwidth of Glo-1 cable to themselves. They dont have to buy from anybody. They might just do something crazy to shake up the data market but 1G for 1k would be extremely radical at the moment and not sustainable…but am very sure they have plans to force data pricing down. They might not just have d network on ground yet but have the potentials!

    Talkin abt network on ground, the yhellow guys have taken the initiative again…yesterday i got 3.5G signals at my home in Ado-Ekiti…hehehe funny right? Dont mind us we are late comers!

  12. @EyeBeeKay the Prophet, I’ll put my bet on your prediction.

    This is too good to let pass. I was thinking of packing off my BB when the current plan on Glo expires on 22nd this month but N1,400 is just too tempting. I’ll go for it & see how it works out.

    Glo has always been a pioneer and game changer. Remember the per-second-billing, the one kobo sim, the glo infinito, and the recent nokia 6gb for N7500/6months? Now this. Glo looks at Nigeria with the need to help rather than exploit.

    Long live Glo.

  13. That’s a good one from GLO, but they need to extend this to other smartphone platforms to carry everybody along.

    The future is generally looking promising. Other operators are most likely going to react to this in a positive way.

  14. Well, I have been using glo for a long while now and thet have really proved themselves to me.MTN is just a lousy operator trying to rip us all the time.

    well,I just went to my portal as a glo bis subs you must have a portal and I read about this.. The volume cap is 3GB not 1.5GB .. See for yourself here ( If that doesn’t work, I just copied and pasted it.

    Monthly BIS Complete
    The Data Volume cap is set at 3.0 Gb.
    The subscription duration is 1 month
    This plan can be automatically renewed
    Type of Plan BIS COMPLETE
    Plan Fee 1400.0

    Weekly BIS Complete
    The Data Volume cap is set at 700.0 Mb.
    The subscription duration is 7 days
    This plan can be automatically renewed
    Type of Plan BIS COMPLETE
    Plan Fee 400.0

    Daily BIS Complete
    The Data Volume cap is set at 100.0 Mb.
    The subscription duration is 1 day
    This plan can be automatically renewed
    Type of Plan BIS COMPLETE
    Plan Fee 100.0

    Have fun with this.. I hope you enjoy it.

  15. This is Glo’s version of MTN’s 1500 social plan… Actually no one will do this but here you go.


    Monthly BIS social
    The Data Volume cap is set at 3.0 Gb.
    The subscription duration is 1 month
    This plan can be automatically renewed
    Type of Plan BIS SOCIAL
    Plan Fee 1200.0

    Weekly BIS Social
    The Data Volume cap is set at 700.0 Mb.
    The subscription duration is 7 days
    This plan can be automatically renewed
    Type of Plan BIS SOCIAL
    Plan Fee 400.0

    Daily BIS Social
    The Data Volume cap is set at 100.0 Mb.
    The subscription duration is 1 day
    This plan can be automatically renewed
    Type of Plan BIS SOCIAL
    Plan Fee 100.0


  16. glo na baba… but they need to train/ enlighten their customer care staff in this age of increasing mobile data consumers.

    my wife’s galaxy tab 10.1 and two other colleagues’ just stopped connecting on their network since yesterday. Called their customer care and no one has a clue. However the Sims in these tabs will work on android smartphones when switched.

    Should I be the one telling them the problem is from glo or isn’t obvious?

  17. well glo has d best data plans, best BIS and best call rates… Yet Nigerians still love the MTN.. Those yellow guys know how to get the mind share just like apple and dats what matters! I just hope glo can really compete better

  18. Seriously guys, dont be fooled by this new marketing gimmick by Glo… A lot of their marketing looks too good to be true, and they probably are, if you look very closely.

    And while I agree that MTN can sometimes be as stingy as Ijebu and Igbo guys put together(lol) but I’d rather stay with them, instead of buying a Glo SIM and activating their BB service because of N100 difference(C’mon!).

    I also think with the trend of competition going on, MTN(despite their “stinginess”) will probably respond by adding more incentives to their package, or reducing prices, or both.

    Thats the way the market has been for sometime now. Just look at the tariff wars going on…

    And since MTN has a better, wider network than Glo(I stand to be corrected on this), I’d rather stay with them when that happens instead of taking two SIMs and all the wahala.

  19. Yellow used to be my favi_color (colour representing spirituality. Now, there of NOTHING spiritual about GREED! MTN made me change to green – representing life, nature, fertility, well being. (GLO) 😉

  20. @Avatar,E be like say your papa dey work for MTN.. (No offense).. Can’t you see the diff?? The diff is not only N100.. In the MTN’s plan. You can’t use browser and the data is not up to 1GB but this glo’s plan have 3GB data and you could browse too..

    It may seems too good to be true but I just activated it last night cos my bis just expired.. And it’s working really well… I have access to BB mail (just 1 though)… And MTN’s plan never allows Mail too.. The diff is very clear.. Lol lol.

    GLO WITH PRIDE!!!!!!

  21. the term “fair usage apply” above means what. i dnt understand. or is there a limit to data usage?

  22. I still personally prefer glo for bb service, i only wish that they will not require me to pay 50,000 deposit for international roaming, unlike mtn which i think there 3g bb service is a joke but requires no deposit for international roaming.

  23. Guys dont get me wrong. I know so many Nigerians hate MTN but we are stil thesame ppl that would patronize dem….
    A typical example of average nigerian is ‘avatar’…there’s a new product from glo..he has not even bothered to check d details. Just d price. And his like sebi its just 100naira diff..i will stick wit my MTN thats everywhere you go jare.. Thats d kinda ‘love’ and mindshare am talkin abt..

  24. Tuale to glo but I still believe that etisalat have d best BB service not plan pls cos dey have never failed me my 3.75G is as fast as the sunray

  25. What we term love for MTN sometimes might not exactly be love but rather our reliance on MTN could be because of the superior service we get from their network.

    I’ve visited glo customer care office more than four times since March this year to have my SIM activated for internet services, yet up till now that has not been done.

    On the 6th of this month, I lost my phone and went for SIM replacement the next day. Glo customer care centre is closes to my house so I went there first. I was told that my line will be ready in the evening. I then went to MTN office and when I got my replacement SIM and asked when it would be ready, the person that attended to me told me immediately. I inserted the SIM and got welcome back message immediately. Well for Glo SIM, it was until the next evening that it started working. MTN are certainly mean with pricing but they are also more efficient with their services.

    Though I do not use MTN for internet services, if I turn to MTN tomorrow instead of Glo that would be because Glo didn’t give me the choice.

  26. Agreed glo customer care sucks at times, there is always a way. Just use water for fire when you come across hostile representatives. As of recent though it seems most new glo lines have been activated for internet. Sim retrival is however out of our hands. Just thank God they didnt tell you sim replacement is not available like they did to me three years ago.

  27. I can totally relate to that. I have found GLO to be generous, but not as technically efficient as MTN.

    I have a friend that also unsuccessfully tried (for long) to activate his SIM for internet access. He eventually had to buy two more GLO SIMs and managed to eventually get one connecting.

    Why is it so difficult to pop a SIM into a phone, get the sim immediately activated for internet access and have the settings pushed immediately (d way mtn, & etisalat do it)? Why must one manually edit the access point to make use of prepaid internet bundles? Must we all turn to DETECTIVES like Yomi to discover that there must be a nonzero credit for you to use a validly activated data bundle?

    Oh well! The rudeness of customer care- I can live with. And I will forgive them a lot because of their generosity and trailblazing efforts

    GLo keeps saving us from the rapacious avarice of MTN (forget their efficiency!)

  28. i`m inclined to say, GLO has been very frustrating…i keep getting GSM on my cell, instead of the normal EDGE,even when i had paid the 1400 for BIS

  29. When I got wind of the glo comonth thing I knew it was too good to be true. Me and my wife use MTN and she decided to change to glo. Despite settings sent and frequent calls to glow for over a 3 days now she has not been activated. If we text status to 777 it says activation pending. After sleepless nights of trying to call customer care,getting them on 3 ocasions,their re-assurance was a big lie. I’m dissapointed in glo but I’m not surprised as the company is owned by a Nigerian

  30. @Paul: I already said it, it takes 3 to 5 days for activation of new sims (new sims to Glo BIS that is) so you just have to relax.. Glo always pays… I am using the plan now and it’s relax,they’ll sort it.

  31. Paul >

    I’m dissapointed in glo but I’m not surprised as the company is owned by a Nigerian

    Haha! What a statement to make by a PATRIOT.

    patriotism /?patr??t?z(?)m/, /?pe?t-/
    ? n.
    the quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one’s country. .

  32. Fair usage is their way of saying “although we’ve said the data plan is unlimited we think it is only fair to restrict you to 3GB/month”

  33. Last week, I ditched my regular MTN BIS bundle for the spanking new Glo BIS Complete package. My MTN BIS has always been ultra reliable and I had no issues with it, but the lure of this newest Glo offering was irresistible. Essentially, I had no reason for the switch other than curiosity. I received an “activation pending” text soon after popping in my prepaid Glo SIM into my BB and activated by texting “CoMonth” to 777. Exactly 15 afterwards,I received another reply confirming activation to the bundle. Ever since it’s been smooth sailing, the Glo Complete bundle has been flawless. Apart from the limitation to one primary email, it matches my old MTN BIS in performance, but at a much lower cost. In fact I hardly notice the difference. My verdict is that Glo Complete is a truly great value package. It’s the most cost effective BB plan on the market to date. No regrets.

  34. Looks like MTN BB is truly unlimited cos I see no *fair usage applies.

    Or did i miss it

  35. Tether for blackberry.
    Just wondering if anyone out there is using Tether to browse on their desktop using their Bis account. If on Glo what apn settings works.

  36. This offer is tempting it is too good to neglect, my MTN BIS expired tomorrow. Though the data cap is unlimited and I really drive it up to 8Gig/month downloading podcast and listen to cool music. I. will give glo a trial but this data cap is a serious matter

  37. Youtube on BB? I don’t think so.
    Not on any network and not on any data plan yet. At least, not to the best of my knowledge.

  38. @seun and @uche…youtube works well on glo bb plan…you can also access youtube using “player for youtbe” app from app world.

  39. @ chris , does the mb reduces as u view youtube? Well my problem is that the 3gig frm glo isn’t enough 4 me. Thinkin of usin mtn complete cos pple using the plan said its unlimited. The 200mb stof doesn’t work.

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