Glo Nigeria achieves 90% 3G coverage; reclaims number 2 spot

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Nigeria operator marketshare June 2014

Locally-owned telco, Globacom Nigeria, has reclaimed the number 2 spot that it yielded to Airtel some months ago. According to NCC’s information, Globacom now has a 2m active subscriber lead on Airtel. Glo now has 27,327,646 active subscribers, while Airtel trails in 3rd place with 25,302,160.

Glo embarked on a network expansion move recently, which included providing 90% 3G coverage nationwide. This means that 3G service is available in 90% of Glo’s coverage area. That is truly amazing and laudable, in my opinion. None of the other operators have 3G coverage remotely close to that.

That notwithstanding the superb coverage, this is the kind of speeds many Glo 3G subscribers are registering:
Glo 3G 23rd sept 2014
That test was run just yesterday. Glo has the capacity. What exactly is the problem with getting good 3G speeds to end users?

It is interesting also to note that late entrant, Etisalat, now have 19,390,285 active subscribers. This battle is an interesting one to watch. Etisalat’s growth rate suggests that at some point in time soon, they will catch up with Airtel and overtake them. And then, perhaps Glo would be next.

  1. I know just 2 people in the entire Nigeria using a Glo sim. It’s used as a mobile hotspot by one (the only person I’ve known since 2012 that relies on Glo for data) and shoved into a really dumbphone Nokia by the other.

    As for me, there is absolutely no charm that will hit me hard enough to get me to go on an archeology trip to unearth the Glo sim that used to be in my possession

  2. Glo was my first network. Used it primarily for voice calls. . Etisalat was my primary source for Internet service even with their 2G… immediately they launched 3G I just stayed put. .. Never left them since then. Glo doesn’t seem to have a direction.

  3. With glo, you need a 4G device to get a gprs (G) data speed.
    With glo on a feature phone, you have the whole day to login into your social network account.

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