Global Internet Forum created to fight terrorism online

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Online terrorism has become a global threat of unimaginable proportions. Therefore, Facebook Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube have teamed up to form a new partnership, aimed at reducing the accessibility of internet services to terrorists. This partnership is known as the Global Internet Forum and it also aims to add structure to existing efforts by the companies to remove recruiting materials for terror groups from the major web platforms. Another aim of the Global Internet Forum is to collaborate with smaller companies and worldwide governments to fight terrorism on the internet, and to ultimately silence the voices of terrorists on line all over the world.

In December last year, the same four companies announced the creation of a shared industry hash database, which helped them to collectively identify terrorist accounts without having to go through the time-intensive effort of doing that on their own. Furthermore, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube plan to teach smaller companies to follow in their footsteps. This would help them adopt proactive plans of their own for fighting terror.Global Internet Forum

Also, the Global Internet Forum will establish formal guidelines for fighting terrorism online, and the members will talk to academic institutions and civic groups. The forum will also reach out to the European Union and the United Nations, who already have a significant interest in ending terrorism in all forms.

All four members of the Global Internet Forum already have counter-terrorism initiatives in place on their services, and the companies will be working hard to create more within the group. Some of the first things the Forum will do will include the creation of a set of best practices to help suppress online terrorist and extremist speech, as well as working together to implement elements of their individual anti-terrorism counterspeech efforts into one another. This partnership further solidifies the relationship between these four multinational tech giants, with the aim of pushing back terrorism on their respective platforms.


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