Google releases another social network – Who’s Down

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Google has quietly released another social network app. Followers of tech trends would know that this is not the first time the company is attempting to break into the chat/IM segment. After many tried an failed projects, Google launches Who’s Down. We hope this one won’t shut down tomorrow 🙄

Whos-Down This app shows you which of your friends are free to hang out. With a slider button , you can let your friends know you’re down to hang out too. This app shows you who is free to hang out, so you never miss out on the fun. There’s also a chat function to catch up.


The app currently requires an invite to use. If you don’t have one, you can request one from the app.

Download Who’s Down HERE.


  1. Another IM app in an already saturated market,Google just doesn’t know when to give up..

  2. it’s really not an IM app, they already have Hangouts for that. Google really doesn’t know how to do Social. it’s amusing to see them keep at it

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