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Being that I recently shifted allegiances to the iOS side from my favoured Android side, I have been having a blast rediscovering my mobile self. About a week ago, Apple released the beta 2 for iOS 7, the next iteration of the iOS mobile operating system. Being the geek that I am, I downloaded it and installed it on my iPad.

Taking into account that I was on iOS 6, iOS 7 is a radical shift in how iOS works and looks. I must say that even though I really wasn’t enthusiastic about iOS 7 when I watched the announcement at WWDC, Apple’s developer program, now using it I have to admit that it is a good improvement over the ageing skuemorphic design that tries to emulate real life objects.


iOS 7 is clean with simple minimalistic fonts. The animations are just clean. All other features, such as the improved real time multitasking, the new folder design and the new control centre only make the availability later this year a long time. You see, I want it now!.

Yes, there are hiccups in the animations since it’s still beta, but there is still ample time for improvements from Apple. I have to admit that iOS can finally come off as a feature complete mobile operating system that can do what the big boys do. There are still a lot of things that are going to be tweaked before iOS 7 becomes available later in the year but I can say that it is a step in the right direction from Apple.

  1. Hahaha! Muyiwa! Y am i not surprised i find u here. I agree. He only talked about the aesthetics. Far from a hands on. And really, u arnt a geek cos u installed it on ur iPad. Lol. A tester is wat u are

  2. The new iOS7 is not revolutionary or innovative. Apple simply copied elements from other OS platforms to play catch up. The so-called deviation from skeuomorphic app icon designs is cartoonish, childish and uninspiringly flat. And of course, there is now lots of inconsistency in the departments of UI, leading to a fragmentation of the new OS. Though for Apple fans, it’s a fresh interface that will confuse and take them time to get used to.

  3. If anybody wants a true, detailed and critical review of iOS7, please head on to the international technology review site ‘The Verge’.

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