For the first time in a long while, I got my hands on a Symbian device for a period of time. It didn’t even occur

Hands-on with MobiNigeria app for Symbian

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For the first time in a long while, I got my hands on a Symbian device for a period of time. It didn’t even occur to me that I had yet to try out our very own MobiNigeria app for Symbian.

Eventually, I got a reminder while browsing the Mobility Nigeria Facebook page.


First, I launched the Ovi Store app on my Symbian device and ran a search for “MobiNigeria”. The app came up first strike.

Clicking on the search result led to a detailed description and download link. The page also features screenshots, user reviews and a list of related downloads.

Well, so far, the MobiNigeria app has one review – and it is a good one 🙂

Anyway, I downloaded the app and ran it on my device. I think that I was taken aback at how good it looked and at the user interface. I actually find myself wanting to have a Symbian device just because of this app!

Lastly, here’s the MobiNigeria app in the Symbian menu

If you own a Symbian device, have you downloaded and installed the MobiNigeria app to your device yet? Give it a try. Launch the Ovi Store on your device and search for “MobiNigeria”.

Some Statistics
There were 46 active users of this app in the last 30 days and 186 page views from the app in the same period. A small start. We look forward to seeing greater usage.

The Future
The organisers of MobiFEST Nigeria have requested for a demonstration of the MobiNigeria app for Symbian at the 2010 event. Also, dont forget that I will be speaking at the occassion as well.

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  1. with the ridiculous ease and speed with which apps as this can be created (i can do this in 10 minutes flat!), the Ovi Store is just going to get unnecessarily cluttered.

    i suppose the reason for Nokia for providing a means to quickly ‘create’ this kind of app (using a code generator) is to be able to beat its chest and say, like Apple – ‘ we have xxx thousand apps in our Store..

    ‘Apps’ like these are not TRUE apps…

  2. EyeBeekay,

    The iOS appstore, Maemo repositories, and Android market must be cluttered too, seeing that there are scores – if not hundreds – of apps like this one in those stores.

    Why are apps like this suddenly not true apps now that they are showing up on Symbian? If cluttering is in vogue, why not Symbian too? You know the saying, if you can’t beat them join them. Symbian has only decided to join the bandwagon.

    If apps like this one are not true apps, just because you can put it together in ten minutes, WordPress blogs should not be classified as true websites either. Almost anyone can set one up in five minutes – and without any special skills.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  3. @Eyebeekay. “with the ridiculous ease and speed with which apps as this can be created (i can do this in 10 minutes flat!), the Ovi Store is just going to get unnecessarily cluttered.” Yes, I would have to agree with you to a point that the ease at which you can create apps in the Symbian store would lead to a flood of cheap and useless apps. But then your point is too generalized.

    Despite that, there are still apps that are useful and are of priceless value in the Ovi store. One of these priceless apps is the MobiNigeria app for Symbian. You don’t know how much I envy those using Symbian phones on account of just THIS APP!!! DOn’t get me wrong, I have Engadget app, Time magazine app in my iphone but I don’t have app distinctly Naija!!

    I know that it costs money and a lot of man hours to develop an App for the itunes apps store. You need to own a MAC laptop, you need to have a developers’ account at the itunes store. You need to pay APPLE a fee. And more importantly you need to spend hours in writing computre codes information in the app in C, C+ and Objective C and java and so on to produce just one APp there. A conservative estimate puts the price at 10,000 to 20,000 dollars (That is if you pay an app developer).

    That aside, the itunes app store of course, has valuable apps as the Engadget app (which I like), Yahoo, stanza, Kindle, Medical apps, and so forth. Yet there are still useless apps (depending on what angle you look at it), like ifart, phone excuse generator , shotgun simulator etc.

    In conclusion Eyebeekay, Money or cheapness or whatever, The onus is on you to sieve through any app store and buy or get the apps that you want or fits your needs. If you are confused, there are dedicated websites to apple itunes apps selection and maybe Symbian apps too. But in my own opinion, the MobiNigeria app for Symbian is an excellent app. The user interface and graphics just displayed in the review above is comparable to other NEWS app or TECHNOLOGY app in the itunes store. To be specific, the Engadget app, Time magazine app, E!news app, BBC app on itunes and others is not better than the MobiNigeria app for Symbian.

  4. First of all i feel very proud to associate myself with mobiNigeria application, the openness and simplicity of symbian os.The beauty of a store is variety and freedom to choose,so if Eyebeekay did not want the application because he can make it in 10minutes then he is free to make other choices but should not trivialise other peoples efforts,cos we are yet to see any application made by him after all those minutes.

    We know what this application means to the image of this nation.Imagine a nigeria Blog site application on the world mobile manufacturing leader’s ( nokia) application store competing with the likes of Engadget on other stores.I mean is a pride to have our own on the world stage.It gives a sense of belonging and recognition. However,i will like it to be Qtified so that other platforms can have access to it too.

    Yomi,thank you for the screen shots.Looking forward to your presentation at the grand event.
    Take care.

  5. Please I’ve been trying to download this app on my n72 but have always been told that my search word (MobiNigeria) does not match anything. Please help me forward it to my email so I can download. My email add is Thank you.

  6. I downloaded the mobinigeria application few days after it was unveiled. It is an application we should be proud of an nigerians.

    I’ll suggest that more upgraded versions of the application should be released, such upgrades should have more features just like the mobile site, we should be able to post comments.

    Is it really true them in ten minutes an app. like this can be completed?

    Eyebeekay pls lets gain from you . Kindly start a thread on this in forums, I’ll also want to develop my own application, just as i’ve developed some blog sites in d past.

  7. Kay123,

    Yes; an app like MobiNigeria for Symbian can be created in 10 minutes.

    Your best bet is the Ovi app wizard is an automated app creation tool that you should try out for a start. You will be in good company. Some of the global and local brands who have used it to create apps for Symbian devices include:

    • World Wide Foundation
    • National Geographic Photos
    • Mobile Industry Review
    • Travel Channel (UK)
    • Mobility Nigeria

    If you have used WordPress, you won’t have a problem wwith Ovi app wizard.


  8. @Yomi

    Thanks for the info.
    I think i’ll put on my creativity cap and lab coat and try out something using this ovi wizard just for the kicks.

  9. @Abubakar Mahmud, I was not trivializing anything.

    ‘apps’ like this ARE trivial. saying that does not translate to belittling the ‘Author’! rbge fact that other well known sites have equivalents is inconsequential.

    Like I said, no offense meant. just saying it the way I see it. nay, the way it is..

  10. @EyeBeeKay

    Trivial or not, this app is great and very useful. It may take 30seconds to make that does not diminish its usefulness. I usually use it first on my 5800 to check out the articles/forums on mobilitynigeria to see any interesting topics before going on to the web page to make comments or read peoples’ comments. This way, I save on internet traffic costs. Who cares if the widget is made in microseconds. IT WORKS.

    I think you are being a little hard on the people who thought out and put this thing together. Its not how many seconds you use in making an object that matters. Its the thoughts, the selflessness, the love, and the creativity behind it.

    By the way, we are waiting for your own 10 minutes practical app.

  11. deoladoctor, you said,
    ‘I think you are being a little hard on the people who thought out and put this thing together’

    really? how?

    you mean -by my saying the app IS trivial; or that such apps merely clutter up the Ovi Store?

    pray, which of the two statements are controvertible?

    I never said the app does NOT work. I am just saying such apps are superfluous! why? having an app like this for each weblog of interest is MADNESS. how many of such ‘apps’ will you clutter up your phone with? Dont you agree? hello, afewgoodmen….

    you can easily use any of the numerous Rss Readers available for any platform on which your phone runs.

    As to that my forthcoming 10-minute app, keep your fingers crossed. we will, of course have a free, nonviolent election January next year….

  12. EyeBeeKay,

    Good point about having multiples of this kind of app on one’s device. An RSS reader is indeed a better option if you read many blogs. If not, the app will do just fine.

  13. EyeBeeKay

    I don’t read much blogs and rss feeds don’t seem to work on my phone when i needed them most. So these little widgets are really God sent. They don’t consume much data so you save on cost. For my phone, no problem. There aren’t much of them and they never clutter my menu. In any case, i can create a folder and put all such widgets inside if i want a bare menu. The point is that these apps make life simpler and less expensive for me.

    I can’t speak for ovi store, but i guess if they have cluttering problems, they wouldn’t have allowed such apps.

  14. Eeebeekay is absolutely right.
    its one of those apps that is done and unfortunately never returned to. They are littered on all the app stores. But hey i may be wrong.
    i dont think it clutters the ovi store rather your phone.But is the there a reason to download it instead of just using the mobile site? You know the mobile site is quite good looking.

    Deoladoctor said
    “Its the thoughts, the selflessness, the love, and the creativity behind it.”
    that matters.
    Is it my wife or something??

    Please spare me the national image shinanigans. This is not a political site. No to propaganda.
    But the app looks good, hope it loads well too.I dont understand why you do the app without the ability to comment.

    I must say yomi, your reviews are quite something. Just brillant i must say.

  15. @Chris
    That’s the minus. Doing the app without the ability to take comments. Otherwise a very nice app. Not the one you will install and never use.

    We shall be expecting your 10 minute app on election results come January 2011. We had Pelota for football results during the world cup. Hope yours will beat this hands down. We’re waiting….

  16. Chris,
    If talking of nation’s image sound political to you, what about talking of creating an INEC kind of application in 10minutes on the same site? Which one is more political? Well,Political or not, what Iam saying is that we should learn to appreciate our OWN cos we dont hear americans or europeans condemning Engadget app,Dailymobile or Associated press widgets. Applications are made to suite purposes, so if it does not suite yours, leave it and use the search engine to get one that suite you.We believe if anything ,the subsequent upgrades of the APPLICATION will address some short comings.

  17. I will sure try MobiNigeria app for Symbian on my symbian phone this weekend.

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