The very first edition of Hangout With Mr. Mo features Olamide Egbayelo AKA WorldFamous Lammy, a mobilista and entrepreneur, as guest. We got to know

Hangout With Mr. Mo #1: WorldFamous Lammy, Ice-cream, And Some Etighi!

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The very first edition of Hangout With Mr. Mo features Olamide Egbayelo AKA WorldFamous Lammy, a mobilista and entrepreneur, as guest. We got to know that Lammy enjoys ice cream, and so we plotted the hangout along those lines.

Kicking Off

Lammy joined the HWMM crew at e-Centre in Yaba, from where we proceeded on a short drive to Ice Cream Factory at Victoria Island, where we chatted a lot and enjoyed some of the delight in the very nice environment.

Lammy and Mr Mo

The Interview

How did you find MOBILITY?
I got to know about Mobility through Jesse Oguntimehin on Twitter. There was a time that he was tweeting about a mobile conference. I remember that he wrote an article that was published on Mobility, and that was actually the first time that I was seeing a site like this from Nigeria – a mobile review site. I decided to go back to my first love.

Really? So, you have been in love with mobile phones. For how long?
Lammy: Since GSM mobile phones came to Nigeria.

So, what mobile phones do you use?
Lammy: I use two phones at the moment, a BlackBerry Curve 8520 and an LG Optimus L3 E405, and Android smartphone.

What do you do on your mobile phones?
Lammy: I do a lot on my mobiles. I practically do everything. I run an SMS site and the majority of the time, I attend to clients on my BlackBerry, chat with friends, get informed and read blogs on my Blackberry. I do practically everything – including bank transactions – on my mobile.

Awesome! You do know your mobile. What other gadgets do you own?
Lammy: Just my laptop and my internet modem.

Cool. Which of the phones you have used would you call your favourite?
Lammy: I would say the BlackBerry Curve 8520

You’re a Blackberry babe too?
Lammy: Yes; I am a Blackberry babe, but I am actually moving to the Android side.


Time to tell us about yourself
Lammy: I am Olamide Egbayelo. I like to be called World famous Lammy. I am in my mid twenties and an upcoming entrepreneur. I studied Computer Science, graduated in 2010 from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (formerly Ondo State University), just completed my National Service in October, and currently run a startup. I love phones, IT, and enjoy reading about technology. I love to hangout with friends, and meet people. I love to network on social media too.

Lammy's Ice cream

Tell us about your startup
Lammy: I run a startup called HexalSMS. We are into mobile marketing – marketing of products and services for our clients via bulk SMS, email and social media.

On the HexalSMS blog, we recently began to to promote upcoming entrepreneurs who are not IT or web-inclined. This service is free. We also share useful information on how to market products and services using bulk SMS.

Great! So what do you do for re-creation?
Lammy: I love to enjoy life to the fullest, but I am not really the outgoing type. I will be found hanging out at home with my friends, or at their cribs. Once in a while, I go watch a movie.

I am sure that our gentlemen readers would love to find it if you are single and searching
Lammy: Laughs and waves hands to indicate bare fingers

I hear ladies talk about craving this and craving that. What exactly is this craving about?
Lammy: That is about wanting something strongly. People crave various things.

So, what do you often crave?
Lammy: Chicken. Fried or roasted chicken.


WorldFamous Lammy

The Etighi

WorldFamous Lammy was quite a sport and offered to do the popular Etighi dance for us on the show! What a gal! I was personally introduced to it by a lady pal of mine, and I have been in love with it ever since. Whether I can actually dance it well is another matter. I gather that the dance is of Efik origin from the Calabar/Akwa Ibom area.

After our chat and a cup of ice cream, we headed outside the room into the yard where Lammy gave us a good show of how it is done. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you WorldFamous Lammy dancing to May D’s “Ile Ijo”:

She’s a sure girl; isn’t she? I want to thank Lammy for honouring us with her presence on this very first official edition of Hangout With Mr. Mo. It was a lot of fun for all involved. Don’t forget to follow WorldFamous Lammy on Twitter and to visit her HexalSMS site for your mobile marketing needs.

If you would also like to Hangout With Mr. Mo, please send a mail to yomi AT Lagos residents only for now!

See you on the next episode!

Shot and Produced on Mobile
Pictures and videos were shot using the Nokia 808 PureView. All editing was done on same.


  1. Thank You..Thank You…Thank You everyone for the nice comments, i know am beautiful and am also a good dancer, Big thanks to r Mo for making me the First Guest on The show….i loved every bit of it, The caramel ice cream was so on point, and i will still love to be a guest again and again and again…….You can also hangout with him by sending a mail to ……MOBILITY O NI BAJE OOOO!! *WINKS*

  2. @Lammy…so you want to be a guest again and again and again because of Ice Cream abi? Isorai!

    I really enjoyed the video and wish I can buy you 100 cups of ice cream for

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