The Havit HV-SK570BT wireless speaker is a nice-looking black block that offers multiple functions for the mobile user who needs a more robust audio experience than what…

Havit HV-SK570BT Bluetooth Speaker review

The Havit HV-SK570BT wireless speaker is a nice-looking black block that offers multiple functions for the mobile user who needs a more robust audio experience than what their smartphone offers. The model number is HV-SK570BT. After reading this Havit Bluetooth speaker review, you will be able to decide whether or not this is for you.


Havit HV-SK570BT Bluetooth Speaker: In The Box

Havit Bluetooth speaker accessories
There are only two accessories in the box:

  1. USB to micro-USB cable
  2. dual 3.5mm audio cable

The only other item in the box apart from the portable speaker itself is a small user’s manual.


On the top side of the box are Volume up and down buttons, which straddle the pause/play button. As is standard practice, the volume buttons also double as skip buttons when you press and hold them.

More Than Bluetooth

Havit HV-SK570BT Bluetooth portable loudspeaker back ports with box
While being a Bluetooth wireless speaker is how the Havit box is marketed, it offers way more than just that. It has a range of alternative connectivity options.


Turn to the back of the speaker and you will find the following array:

  • Power switch, to put it on and off
  • Aux/Line In port, so you can connect via a dual 3.5mm cable
  • TF card slot: slide in a memory card full of your favourite collection of music files and you can throw a party without using the Bluetooth connection
  • USB port: you can plug in a standard USB cable too
  • LED, to indicate when it is on, paired, charging, etc, using different colours, and lastly
  • DC-5V micro-USB port: which you can plug in a charger to top up the battery

As you can see, there is no lack of connectivity options with the Havit portable speaker. Where you find using any of these other options more convenient than using a Bluetooth connection, have fun!

Havit HV-SK570BT Bluetooth Speaker: In Use

Havit HV-SK570BT Bluetooth loudspeaker battery level indicator
It supports battery level indicator, so that if you check your Bluetooth menu in your phone, it displays the battery level of the portable speaker.

Pairing is standard Bluetooth fare: turn on the speaker and turn on Bluetooth on your device, scan for the speaker and pair. That is it.

Every time you put on the speaker, it automatically connects to your paired device and you can play your music/audio as you wish.

Havit HV-SK570BT Bluetooth loudspeaker

Havit HV-SK570BT Bluetooth speaker supports Bluetooth 3.0 and has a maximum range of 10 metres. In practice, depending on the environment, the connection may break well within that range.

The speaker is sufficiently loud – much louder than your smartphone/tablet speaker, but it is not loud enough to throw a party with. This is for personal enjoyment – especially if you want to enjoy a movie on your mobile. It is also ideal for sharing music with a small group of people in a an environment that isn’t noisy. Of course, it is much louder than the Spider Designs Ice Cube speaker.


How much does the HV-SK570BT Bluetooth speaker cost? Just NGN 9,500. If you want a serious party speaker, you will have to spend much more than that.

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