HD Video Recording on the Nokia E7

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The Nokia E7 may be a business-targeted device and feature only an 8 megapixel full-focus camera, but don’t let that fool you about its video recording capabilities. This sleek Aluminium messenger packs HD video recording that is crisp and clear, and the audio capture is just as good.

The E7 camera offers video stabilisation, and allows you to zoom up to 3x while shooting 720p resolution at 25 fps without losing any video quality. The Nokia E7 records in MP4 format. Here is a clip from a video recording I did over the weekend.

The camera is not so excellent in for close-ups in low-level light (see the footages of people under the canopy), but really shines for distances of abuve 2-3 metres in clear light (see the outdoor plants and items towards the end of the clip). This looks like an excellent camera for outdoors recording. The text caption at the end was added on the device itself.

PS: To see the quality of the video below, you need to view in 720p. Immediately playback starts, click on the ‘240p’ or ‘360p’ legend and change it to full ‘720p HD’ and then click on the ‘full-screen’ option. If possible, view in full screen.


  1. HD video recording is a breeze on the Nate too. But the memory consumed is astounding. I recently reset my Nate, and forgot to adjust the camera settings. I then shot a 35 minute video that took up 2.3 GB

  2. @Spacyzuma
    That’s great, the bigger the size the better the quality.

    Tip 2
    And if your internet connection is not strong enough to play HD, or you want to download it for later, try out “Internet Download Accelerator”. Its free for personal use. Just copy the address in your browser when the video starts and add it as a download.

    I will stream it on my Apple TV to night.

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