On the StartUp Show: “We help busy professionals eat healthy” – Founder Ibomsoups

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Remember “The Break Digit Show”? we have evolved into the Startup Show. This is because we have come to love showcasing Startups in Africa on the TWO TV Network and feel it will be great to rename the show to resonate with what it is doing.

To open up the Startup Show, we are happy to showcase Ibomsoups, a food startup delivering over forty READY-TO-EAT pot-size meal variety, as well as READY-TO-COOK ingredients for all Nigerian meals.

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Sitting with Itoro Effiong-Bright, the founder of Ibomsoups, both behind the scene and infront of the camera was completely amazing. Apart from the sumptuous foods and drinks (all natural juices combo), we also got to learn a lot about healthy eating, balanced diet, hygiene, etc.

Itoro, whose passion to help people eat healthy grew at age 13 as she helped her mother sell wares in the market, revealed to us that she watched with amazement and pity as busy professionals were either cheated with quality of goods or quantity as they rushed to the market to pick up vegetables and other food stuffs and the stress they pass through preparing these meals after a hectic day’s work.

Just like every aspiring young woman, she deviated to build a corporate career – for her, in the telecoms industry. But not satisfied with her calling, she decided to follow her passion of helping busy professionals in Lagos eat healthy without having to cook them by starting Ibomsoups .

Walking through their kitchen, Ibomsoups have state of the art cooking equipment in a very clean environment with happy looking staff working to make sure soups are properly made and delivered on time.

Currently they deliver within 30 minutes to 4 hours from the time that orders are placed.

Speaking on the show, Itoro discussed how she gathered courage to leave paid employment, the challenges she is facing with this business, future growth and more.

It was an inspiring chat that we had. Do enjoy the video.

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