Here are 10 cool, new things you can do on BBM for free

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It isn’t Christmas but BBM is throwing out goodies to its users for free. We have published some of these freebies over the last one week, and now we bring you all of them together in one place in easy language that you can understand.

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1. You can ‘Retract’ your messages and pictures from recipients to take them back from their phone if they were sent as a mistake, or if you no longer wish them to be accessible.

2. You can control how long contacts can view messages and pictures that you have shared with them.

3. You can forward messages from one chat to another.

4. You can mute notifications for a multi-person chat on Android.

5. You can scroll through all pictures shared within a one-on-one or multi-person chat on Android.

6. You can choose if you want pictures taken within BBM chats to be saved to your device.

7. You can now capture and share larger videos on iOS.

8. You can select multiple messages to be deleted, retracted, or forwarded at once on iOS.

9. You can retract and edit messages in group chats on BlackBerry 10.

10. You can retract a complete chat – retract all sent messages when you end a chat on BlackBerry 10 only.

There. You have 10 new things you can do on BBM for free. These features are now available without the need for a paid subscription. Have fun!

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